Friday, July 8, 2016

Review: Hardass by Christina Saunders

Title: Hardass
Author: Christina Saunders
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Series: Bad Bitch Series (Book Two)
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisI cave in to no one. My hardass exterior is what makes me one of the hottest defense lawyers around. It's why I'm the perfect guy to defend the notorious Bayou Butcher serial killer - and why I'll come out on top.

Except this new associate I've hired is unnaturally skilled at putting chinks in my well-constructed armor. Her brazen talk and fiery attitude make me want to take control of her and silence her - in ways that will keep both of us busy till dawn. She drives me absolutely 100% crazy, but I need her for this case. I need her in my bed. I need her to let loose the man within me who fights with rage and loves with scorching desire...

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.** 

Wow, what a ride!

Confession: This is book #2. I haven't read the first book of the series.
Most of the time, when I find a second or third book available, I go back and read the first books prior, in order to get a good sense of the story. In this case, I didn't. I read the synopsis and reviews and thought the stories were separate. I found out while reading, that the series is actually about three brothers. Now, I can gladly say that I intend to go back and read the first book, as well as continue with the last of the series.

In Hardass, we have Washington (Wash), a no-nonsense partner of a law firm, and Caroline, a wet-behind-the-ears associate with a bit of a long-time crush on her handsome boss. We get to see both sides of the story as chapters alternate (not necessarily evenly) between the two. We can witness the struggle on both sides and that is a writing style that I can appreciate.

For some reason, I wasn't expecting to find fully fleshed out characters and a strong plot. Shame on me...

I was prepared for a story with a lot of lust and sex. And don't get me wrong, I certainly got that! But I also found myself intrigued by the mystery of the murder case, as well as the developing romance between the main characters. I found Washington to be interesting and relatable and Caroline to be humorous and believable. I could easily see her idolizing her boss and him trying to force himself to maintain his distance for fear of repercussion.

I became so enamored by the steamy romance, that I missed the clues pointing to the murderer. I didn't really gasp when I found out, but I was a bit disappointed in myself for not at least guessing beforehand. I was thoroughly and wonderfully distracted.

In closing...
This has definitely been a worthwhile read! From the characters to the writing style and the steamy romance, there is a lot to love in this book. Christina Saunders has done a wonderful job and I am anxious to read the other books in the series. 4 suns!

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