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Wrap-Ups of the Past Year

January 2017


  1. To Dawn:

    Hi, my name is Michael C. Szer. I have been writing sci-fi and horror for some time now. For a more detailed biography go to www.transporterbooks.com. I am attempting to sell my novels on my own and would like to collect some reviews. One of the novels I am featuring is titled “You Can't Be Me I'm Dead”. It's a sci-fi novel with a twist, involving clones, ghosts, and romance. The novel is targeted to the 18 to 30 year old audience with little sexual reference. The novel is apprx. 125K
    words and 220 pages. Below is a synopsis. I hope my novel meets your reading standards. I appreciate any time you may spend reading it. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Michael C. Szer
    “You Can't Be Me I'm Dead”


    Richland Marcus is a multimillionaire and suspects something sinister is afoot inside his corporation. To gather more information he invites his top vice-presidents to a one week retreat at his estate in Maine. While there he is accidentally shot while hunting. The vice-presidents are terrified. Not because of the shooting, but because any investigation might reveal a wold wide drug trafficking operation they are involved with. No fear though. Richland Marcus's top man had made the mogul purchase a dubious biological laboratory in Europe where he secretly had a clone of his employer made. Despite Richland's orders to have the lab sold off and the monstrosity destroyed, Chamberland, Richland's number two man, keeps the facility and the clone.
    With Richland now dead, all they had to do was get rid of the body and substitute the clone which was altered to look like it suffered a massive aneurism. In no time the clone would be dead and all secrets would be safe. Unfortunately., Richland's secretary and lover, Carol Sutton, hears what had happened and follows the disabled body to the hospital in Canada where it now resides. Using her influence she obtains doctors to see to her lover's treatment, and miraculously the body opens its eye.
    `Though the clone is conscious, he does not know who he is or even what it means to be a human being. Now Carol gathers doctors and therapists to rehabilitate her employer and try to restore him to his former self. Slowly Richland develops back into a functioning person but still has no recollection of the life he never lived. Despite this, the group of vice-presidents become nervous and fear they may still be found out. Eventually, Richland can go home and he attempts to return to his position as CEO of Marcus Industries.
    Suddenly we find ourselves back in the woods of Main where the terrible shooting took place. A presence becomes aware of itself and slowly figures out it is no longer Richland Marcus, but the spirit of Richland Markus. At first confused, the spirit is determined to make his way back home. Along the way, he sees a television broadcast about the miraculous recovery of himself, but this could not be. He's dead. Even more determined to make his way back home, when he arrives he sees himself, in his home, with his lover and running his company. The spirit of Richland becomes enraged. After calming down he begins to investigate and finds out about his shooting, the clone he ordered destroyed and the illegal activities of his employees.

  2. Richland is now on a quest to make things right. He torments his vice presidents and confronts his clone. The situation is confusing for both of them, but once all the facts are accepted, Richland and his clone plot to entrap his vice-presidents and send them to prison. They also come to terms with how their relationship should continue with Carol. Neither wants to upset here or put her ill at ease. Finally, the idea to try and join the two entities is considered and several attempts are made. After a failure and a hesitation to continue, the spirit of Richland once again tries to occupy the body of his clone. This time they are successful and find they can live together in unison. Now joined, they can continue with their lives, their business, and their love.