Review Policy

Updated as of: 4-23-2017
Thank you for your interest in my reviews!

On the Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog, I post mainly spoiler-free reviews sprinkled with quirky gifs and graphics. All reviews are simultaneously posted to my Goodreads profile. I participate in blog tours through several fabulous tour companies, as well as review via NetGalley, Edelweiss, The Romance Reviews, Reading Alley, and directly through publishing and book publicity companies.

Are you interested in having a book or audiobook reviewed on my blog? 
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I accept print, ebook, & audiobook formats for both ARC/galley and final editions. 
ARC/galley reviews will be delayed for posting until release date, when possible, but no more than 30 days prior to release date, unless otherwise instructed.

*** I only read/review books that I am genuinely interested in reading and foresee myself enjoying, and will only respond to requests if I intend to read/review your book. All reviews are my honest opinion of the reading material. ***

~*~My typical response time (for reviews I accept) is about 2 weeks~*~

**TO AUTHORS I'VE REVIEWED:** If I have reviewed and enjoyed any of your books, I am happily open to reviewing more of your titles, especially if they are part of a series that I've already started. As long as my schedule allows, I am more likely to accept your request since I already know your work. Feel free to use my form to submit your request!

Now on to what I will and will not review...

Genres I review:
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Sci Fi Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Women's Fiction 
  • Any combination of the above
Age ranges I accept:
  • YA
  • NA
  • Adult
  • Erotica (I will also accept menage & BDSM)
**While I do accept adult themed books, ALL of my reviews and graphics are PG 13-17 rated so that they can be shared across the web.**

Some of my MOST favorite themes:

This list could change when my preferences alter.
  • Forbidden Love
    • Boss/Employee, Teacher/Student, Dr./Client, BFF's Sibling, BFF's Ex, Stepbrother, etc.
  • Second Chance Stories
  • Historical Romances
  • Sci Fi (Alien) Romances
  • Small Town Romances and/or Series
  • Friend to Lovers -or- Enemies to Lovers (Yikes!)
  • Wizards/Sorcery/Magical Creatures
  • Medieval Times (Does not have to be historically accurate)
  • Rock Star Romances
  • HEA (I prefer this but do not require it)
  • Faraway Lands and Realms (w/Maps--even better!)
(If your book contains one of the themes above, be sure that the book description depicts this, or just mention it in the notes section. I will not accept all books with these themes but it may increase the chances or bump it up the to-read list!)

Some of my LEAST favorite themes:

This list could change when my preferences alter.
  • Fairy Tale Re-tellings: unless extremely unique; I am lenient on this
  • Motorcycle Clubs: so far, I haven't enjoyed many MC books where women are treated as property; I need at least a fragment of respect between my couples in order to root for them
  • Mysteries (without romance): I need there to be a heavy romance plot
  • Sci Fi (without romance): even if it's robot/alien love, I need it! :)
  • Clean Reads (that are not labeled as such): I will read clean but don't like to be surprised. If I pick up a romance book, I expect a little steam and need to adjust my expectations if it's absent
  • Steam Punk: I may give this a go if there is a strong romance plot involved. I just haven't read enough in this category to develop an opinion, as of yet

Please note: At this time, I have NO known triggers that prevent me from reading. I am fine with pseudo-incest (step-relations), threesomes w/MMF & MFM partners. In general, I can withstand murder, rape, incest, abuse, and other dark themes, though I prefer these not be the entire premise of the story. If I have doubts about your book, I may contact you to clarify before accepting. However, not all dark themed books will appeal to me.

Now that you know what I'm looking for, here is some pertinent info...

Important Notes:
~ Please note that I accept books only at my discretion.  
~ Submitting a request does not guarantee a review.
~ My typical response time for reviews I accept is about 1-2 weeks
~ All reviews will be posted to my blog.
~ All reviews will be posted to my Goodreads profile and positive reviews (3+ suns) will also be shared on Amazon, unless otherwise instructed.
~ Short stories and novellas are accepted. However, reviews for anything under 100 pages or 50,000 words will be shared in my Mini Reviews compilation that posts on the last day of each month. If I accept your request, please know that your review will post NO EARLIER than the last day of the next month I have available. Here is an example of that post: February Mini Reviews

What happens to the books once I'm done with them?
~ Print books: I may (if I choose) keep all print books given to me by authors/publishers for personal enjoyment, unless I receive them for the intention of a giveaway. I also retain the right to donate print books to my local library for the betterment of the reading community. Books will NEVER be sold or profited on in any way.
~ ebooks: I may (if I choose) keep all ebooks given to me by authors/publishers for personal enjoyment. I often like to re-read and reference prior reads in my memes and challenges, which may require me to read the book, again. Also, if your book is part of a series, I may need to reference prior installments. However, I will NEVER duplicate or sell ebooks, or profit from them in any way.

If you are interested in submitting your book for consideration, please fill out this form.

If you would simply like to send me a NetGalley widget/invite, please email link, directly, using email address on my About Me page. Above policy still applies. I will only accept at my discretion.

I accept all book formats and audiobooks!

Authors that I have already reviewed or conversed with, personally, feel free to message or email me directly, if you'd prefer!