About Me

Hi! I'm Dawn. :)

I'm a 30-year-old book devourer with a love of Double Stuff Oreos and the Sims! I am a part-time author but have chosen to keep that identity separate so as not to influence my reviews.

I have been a voracious reader ever since childhood. A speed reader, I usually finish a novel within 24 hours of starting. I have a wide variety of genres that I enjoy, including but not limited to: romance, fantasy, YA, NA, paranormal, and erotica.

You can expect mostly non-spoiler reviews from me and explanation of ratings can be found on the left side of my blog under the rating chart. As the dawn is my blog theme, both a play on my name and reading habits, I rate books on a sun scale.

So sit back, grab an Oreo or whatever your vice is, and let's get reading!


Contact Info:

(Review Requests may NOT be sent to me via my email, unless they are simple NetGalley widgets. Any others received will be ignored. Please use my request form, found on the Review Policy page or click here.)


Favorites List:


1) This Woman's Work - Maxwell
2) For Nancy - Pete Yorn
3) The Flame - Cheap Trick
*Believe it or not, my favorite music genre is Country, then Rock. I know my song list doesn't really reflect that!*


1) Steak/Chicken Marsala
2) Double Stuff Oreos (But you already knew that!)
3) Cheese (On everything: Cheese Fries, Cheese Sticks, Grilled-Cheese, Cheese Omelet, etc.)


1) Love Actually
2) Steel Magnolias
3) Sweet Home Alabama
4) The Killers
5) Pearl Harbor

Rock Bands

1) Matchbox Twenty
2) Taking Back Sunday
3) Aerosmith

Dream Vacation Spots

1) Ireland
2) New Zealand
3) Appalachian Mountains (Tennessee)


  1. Hi, I was looking for my book to be reviewed, but the contact form isn't pulling up... my book is called Scorch Me, and it's a (Not heavy) erotic paranormal novella. the link is getbook.at/scorchme if you want to look at the cover, etc.

  2. Hi Dawn, I would love to send you a review request, but the contact form has crashed and cannot be used. Please note if you would be okay with sending the request via email. My novel is urban fantasy with romance (which is enemies to lovers, so you might be interested)!

  3. Hello Dawn. I wanted to send you a review request, but the form isn't working. I was eager to send a request when I read that you liked fantasy books and books that take place in Medieval times, which is exactly the genre and setting of my book. Is it okay if I can send an email to you?

  4. Again, we cannot submit our review requests if the form is not working. Please issue an announcement on this page as to the status of your reviews. It's okay, whatever it is, just let us know. Thanks.

  5. Hello Dawn, would you please let us know when you will start reviewing once more and rectify your Book Review Form to allow requests to be sent? Thank you.

  6. Hello,
    My name is Maxwell who is also looking to see if you will review my series, LiT. The form is not working to submit a request.

  7. Hi Dawn. As with the others, the review request form was not working. I have a post-apocalyptic romance novel that I am hoping to get reviewed. The name of the novel is Saffron, by P.L. Parker. My email is plparker92@yahoo.com. Thank you.