Blogging for Beginners

Here, you'll find my videos and blogging resources, free to use and download!

New to book blogging? Not sure where to start or how to organize yourself? We all have to start somewhere. Below are videos to show you what you'll need, where to find books, and how to keep yourself organized.

Book Blogging for Beginners
A Video Series

Video #1: The Checklist
What you need to get started.

Video #2: Review Policies & Forms

Video #3: Where to Find Books & Content (Part 1)
Places to find free books.

Video #4: Where to Find Books & Content (Part 2)
Blog content & review templates.

Video #5: Organization 
Step-by-Step and how to create/use database in Access.
PLUS get a FREE download of my own Book Database!

Coming Soon... Video#5: Navigating NetGalley & Similar Sites
- How to Improve Chances of Approval
- Do's and Do Not's

If you have an idea for a video you'd like me to do, feel free to email, message me, or simply comment on any of the video posts!

Other Stuff You Might Find Useful

Book Database (in a zip file)!
HINT: Watch Video #5: Organization to learn how to use the file!
Pretty please: If you download the file, leave me a comment on this post to let me know! I'd like to track the # of downloads, if possible. And I'm curious to see how many people find the database to be useful! :) 

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