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Friday Faves & Forecast ~ September 10-16, 2016

September 10-16, 2016

~*~ Where I list my faves of the past week and what I expect from my upcoming reads! ~*~

It's late posting because I had a top-post review tour yesterday. I had a really busy reading week with several fantastic books in a row. Here are my thoughts on them and predictions for next week's readings!

Few of my favorite reads of the week:

Fantasy Romance
This was a fabulous adventure that kept me glued to the screen! I loved all of the twists and turns along the journey as our Dainy discovers her true identity and reveals a few secrets along the way. I loved the ending and cannot wait to see what our group gets into in the next book!
I did not want this book to end. It was a strangely perfect mashup of almost everything I look for in a YA Fantasy. There was magic, mystery, romance, and a colorful cast of characters. I am anxious to see what happens next. As long as the Wolf is in the picture, I will be a very happy reader.

Oh, Jack... Jack, Jack, Jack. I have loved this guy from the first time I met him earlier in the series and I could not wait to finally see Sam find her match and Jack was perfect for her (and me!). I just knew that the last book would bring massive steamy fireworks and I was not disappointed, at all! 

Contemporary Romance
This book was just fantastic! I fell in love with the leading lady, immediately. Snarky and independent, yet kind and thoughtful, I absolutely connected with Julia. It took a bit but I eventually fell head over heels for Nate, too. Especially during the drunken flashbacks. Great read!
Paranormal Romance/NA
Reviewed for an upcoming tour. I enjoyed this one, too. The characters were great but it was the twisted fae world that I liked most. When we finally got to visit said fantasy world, I was hooked! I can't wait to see what happens in the next book and with the next set of characters!

Forecast of next week's readings:

Last week was filled with fantasy and this week will be contemporary romance novels galore!

The first of the McCauley Brothers novels, I am about to start this one, now. I snagged this from the library and it's been sitting beside me and taunting me to pick it up for a few days, already. I predict a fun read ahead!
I'm reading this book this weekend for a review blast next week. It's about a woman who finds herself as a target of an organized crime family and in need of protection. I expect this to be a suspenseful romance.
My first review for The Romance Reviewers! I just became a review for TRR and will be reading/reviewing this novella about a member of a mafia family (yep, the second one of the week!) who finds himself fighting for a woman. I predict a spicy story is headed my way!
I'm excited about this one for two reasons. One, the synopsis sort of reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama. Two, it takes place in Virginia, my home state! I look forward to a sweet second chance romance!

Are any of these books on your TBR? If not, what is?

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