Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Faves & Forecast ~ September 3-9, 2016

September 3-9, 2016

~*~ Where I list my faves of the past week and what I expect from my upcoming reads! ~*~

Few of my favorite reads of the week:

Paranormal Romance
This was a quick read for me. I was actually a bit disappointed that it was such a short book because I really liked the characters and the growing chemistry between them. But it has definitely enticed me to read more of the Black Hills Wolves books. I may have to start from the beginning of the series, though.
In Another Life was completely different than I expected. Yes, it is a fantasy, but it is also a bit darker of a story than I assumed it to be. A parallel world that you can't separate from your reality? Whoa! The imagery of the fantasy world and the author's ability to write the main character's pain so effectively made this a hauntingly beautiful story. 

This book is a group read for September. The romance was steamy and I fanned myself, often. Yet, the actual plot has darker undertones and a suspenseful edge to it that I was not expecting. I listened to this on audiobook and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the storytellers (there is more than one).

Forecast of next week's readings:

I'm reading this for a blog tour in two weeks. The story is a twisted version of a fairy tale re-telling (which are not necessarily my favorites) but I have a good feeling about this one. I predict an amusing and hopefully surprising story ahead!

Fantasy Romance
Technically, I have already finished this one. I read it Friday night and it was such a fantastic book! Filled with adventure and a colorful cast of characters, I loved the twists and surprises that happened along the journey. Definitely excited to continue with the sequel.

I'm reading this now. It's the last of the Fireworks Girls series and I have been impatiently waiting to get to it and read Sam's story. I was predicting this couple to get together a few books ago so I can't wait to finally read about it! I predict a lot of steamy lovemaking ahead. Yay!

Genre & Age
I picked this one up on a whim and the description had me giggling. Waking up in Vegas, married to a stranger? Sounds like a nightmare, yet I can't wait to read it! I predict a hilariously delicious read is in my future...

Are any of these books on your TBR? If not, what is?

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