Friday, March 10, 2017

Review: Pierced by Venom by Jenn Windrow

Title: Pierced by Venom
Author: Jenn Windrow
Genre/Age: Fantasy/Adult
Series: Redeeming Cupid Series (Book Two)
Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing
Format: ebook via Author
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisShe’ll willingly travel the highway to hell to bring back the man she loves.

Gia Adler had it all—a charmed life and her true love to share it with. But moments after she murmurs, “I do,” her ex-boyfriend delivers a lead wedding present into her new husband’s chest, leaving him in a coma and shattering her dreams.

Hell-bent on ruining her future, Gia’s psychotic ex-boyfriend then abducts her, transporting her to an underground world of destruction, drugs, and death. He’s no wicked witch and they’re in no enchanted forest. He’s evil incarnate and she’s submerged in hell-on-earth, a twisted thing of nasty nightmares.

Guided by the spirit of her comatose husband, Gia must fight for her happily-ever-after – and her true love – by facing down her ex and the demons of her past.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Well, that was different...

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Gia is getting married to her long-time crush. After a painful altercation with an ex-boyfriend left her with scars, literally and figuratively, she's finally ready for her happily-ever-after with Christopher. She doesn't want anything to ruin her perfect day and uses her mysterious power of song to calm herself after she becomes aware of a few glitches in her ceremony.

Unfortunately, Gia's ride into the sunset will have to wait because a bullet leaves her new husband lying in a coma. And if that weren't bad enough, the shooter has nefarious plans for her, too. After he abducts her and forces her into a complex tunnel system, Gia must battle against her dangerous kidnapper and the forces of evil all around them.

The only light in the dark tunnel is the spirit of Christopher who is somehow summoned every time Gia unleashes her power of song. Chris' body may be in a coma but his soul is with Gia, helping to guide and encourage her as she tries to escape her ex's clutches.

This book wasn't anything like I expected. From the cover, I assumed there would be a heavy romance plot but our couple were practically separated for 90% of the book if you don't include the spiritual angle. Speaking of the ghostly presence and supernatural singing, I don't think that element was properly explained. Or even remotely explained. At all.

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There was also a soulmate theme here that was completely left unexplained. There were hints to people being soulmates but nothing delved any deeper than that. Had I read the first book of the series, perhaps I might have understood. It seems the first book does approach this paranormal theme. This book simply assumes you already know. And I didn't.

Other than that, the story did grip me and keep me glued to the digital pages. It was suspenseful and there was plenty of tension between all of our main characters. I did have a major problem with Gia's attitude and view of things at the beginning. She was arrogant and highly obnoxious. There was personal growth for her as the story progressed but the ending was so abrupt that we barely got to see her new persona in action.

As for the ending itself, I think Gia went to Christopher a little too easily. If I had just experienced my comatose husband visiting me from beyond, I think I would at least question whether it had actually been him or a figment of my imagination. Neither of them do. That was another missed opportunity to explain what the heck is going on.

In closing...
An interesting idea and fairly good writing despite the many plot holes. I am interested in the other books of the series and just hope that more is explained in future and past installments. Three suns!

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