Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: Masquerade by Chloe Clark & Hazel Kelly

Title: Masquerade
Author: Hazel Kelly & Chloe Clark
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Series: None
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via KindleUnlimited
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisCassie Harrington may be a chronic overachiever, but leaving her comfort zone doesn't come easy. 

So when her best friend invites her to a sexy masquerade party because she wants to check some kinky stuff off her Bucket List, she agrees to go- but Only as Ruby's chaperone. 

Under No circumstance is Cassie hooking up with a masked stranger. 

Especially not that guy at the top of the stairs whose broad shoulders and deep voice alone are enough to make her knees buckle. 

Yeah, definitely not that guy. 

**Author's note: This standalone contemporary romance contains no cliffhanger, no cheating, and is sure to give you lots of warm fuzzies in all the right places.

Another amazing read from Hazel Kelly! (Plus Chloe Clark!)

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As you probably know, Hazel Kelly has become on of my top ten favorite authors. I always enjoy her stories and knew this would be no different. But this book was a surprise, even for me.

Cassie agrees to attend a sex party but has no plans to actually participate in the activities. Or even watch them. She will just keep her distance until her friend finishes with whatever naughty situation she gets into and then Cassie can forget this ever happened.

That is, until she meets a tall stranger with broad shoulders and a dark mask. Her world turns upside down because she suddenly wants more of what he had to offer, despite the fact that she has no real idea who he is and the only way to contact him is by attending another of the scandalous parties.

But as fate would have it, the truth always comes to light in the end. A chance encounter reveals the identities of our couple and both of them find that they can't simply move on to another. They want each other even though being together, even casually, can cause serious problems in their normal lives.

This was one steamy story. It starts out with a bang and left me itching to find out who the masked man was. And even though the sex is spectacular, I actually found the romance to be the best element of this book. I was surprised by our mystery man's affectionate side. It was great to see a man who knows what he wants and doesn't want to play games to get it.

In closing...
Hot love making that leads to real love. Four steamy suns!