Reviews A-Z

- A -
A Fool For You - Katee Robert
A Knight Like No Other - Michelle Miles
A Little Taste of Heaven - Michelle Miles
A Perfect Gentleman - Candace Camp
A Study in Scoundrels - Christy Carlyle
Alchemist's Son, The - Athena Daniels
Alien Mate - Cara Bristol
Aligned, Volume 1 - Ella Miles
Aligned, Volume 2 - Ella Miles
Aligned, Volume 3 - Ella Miles
Aligned, Volume 4 - Ella Miles
Alpha Lover - Brenda Sparks
Angelic Anarchy - J.P. Epperson
At the Heart of the Stone - Roxanne D. Howard

- B -
Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster
Bad Girls - Vanessa Liebe
Banker, The - Piper Rayne
Bartender, The - Piper Rayne
Bedded Bliss - Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
Bedmates - Nichole Chase
Beguile Her - Ava Hayworth
Belgrave Legacy, The - Zara Hoffman
Bet Me - Lila Monroe
Bewitched - Nancy Fraser
Bewitching the Vampire - Carrie Pulkinen
Black Mountain Magic - Megan Morgan
Bloom - Elizabeth O'Roark
Blue Moon - Angela Colsin
Body Talk - Cara Bristol
Bolt from the Blue - Tania Sparks
Bond of Venom and Magic, A - Karen Tomlinson
Bone Witch, The - Rin Chupeco
Bossman - Vi Keeland
Boxer, The - Piper Rayne
Boy Next Door, The - Hazel Kelly
Brake Failure - Alison Brodie
Breaking the Seventh - Allie Gail
Breathless - Beverly Jenkins
Breathless - Georgia Lyn Hunter
Bridesmaid's Checklist, The - K.T. Castle
Buns - Alice Clayton

- C -
Captivate Her - Ava Hayworth
Capturing the Captain - C.K. Brooke
Careful What You Ask For - Candace Blevins
Catalyst - Kristin Smith
Catching An Evil Tail - Mary Abshire
Charming Olivia - Grace Harper
Chevalier, The - Phillipa Lodge
Cherish Her - Ava Hayworth
Claimed by the Cyborg - Cara Bristol
Claimed by Power - Zoey Ellis
Claiming the Evil Dead - Mary Abshire
Crave - Janet Nissenson
Crazy Stupid Love - Melissa Toppen

- D -
Dalir's Salvation - Nina Crespo
Dangerous Rock - Crystal Kaswell
Dare to Love a Spy - Debra Elizabeth
Daring Proposal - Jeanne St. James
Daring the Bad Boy - Monica Murphy
Dark Divine - Lia Davis
Dark One's Mistress - Aldrea Alien
Darken the Stars - Amy A. Bartol
Dazzle Her - Ava Hayworth
Dead Man's Kiss - Jennifer Bray-Weber
Desire Rising - Elizabeth Shore
Devi's Bliss: A Story of Noelle - Mika Lane
Dom Tames Rapunzel, The - Sydney St. Claire
Domestic Discipline - Cara Bristol
Duchess's Descendants, The - C.K. Brooke
Duchess Inheritance, The - C.K. Brooke
Duchess Quest, The - C.K. Brooke

- E -
Eerie - C.M. McCoy
Enigma - Vanessa Liebe
Enlightenment - Liz Keel
Eternal Heat - J.L. White
Everything I Left Unsaid - Molly O'Keefe
Evil Next Door, The - Mary Abshire
Eye of the Pharaoh - Nancy Fraser

- F -
Fallen Hearts - Angela Colsin
Fates Divided - Jules Barnard
Fates Entwined - Jules Barnard
Fever - Lola Taylor
Fighting Evil - Mary Abshire
Final Calling, The - Angela Colsin
First Love - Hazel Kelly
Finished - Anne Holster
Flirt - Natalie Rios
For Her Protection - Amber Bardan
For the Love of a Widow - Christina McKnight
Forbidden Heat - J.L. White
Forever Charmed - Dawn Chartier
Foreshadowed - Holly M. Campbell
Forewarned - Holly M. Campbell
Forgotten Fairytales, The - Angela Parkhurst
Fourth Piece, The - E. Ardell
Freedom from the Evil Dead - Mary Abshire

- G -
Get Lucky - Lila Monroe
Glimmer - Rayna Noire
Glittering Court, The - Richelle Mead
Guardian of Paradise - W.E. Lawrence

- H -
Hardass - Christina Saunders
Heart of Desire - Jenna Jaxon
Heaven Sent - Tania Sparks
Her Forbidden Crush - Ash Harlow
Hero High - Mina Chara
His Mafia Princess - April Zyon
His Virgin Babysitter - Lila Younger
How to Handle a Heartbreaker - Marie Harte
Hunter's Moon - Angela Colsin
Hunting for Spring - Katherine McIntyre
Hurricane - Arabella Abbing

- I -
Imperfect Love - Isabella White
Impossible Love - Kimberly Readnour
In Another Life - Carys Jones
In My Stepbrother's Sheets - Arabella Abbing
In the Tower of the Wizard King - Michelle Miles
It Started with a Kiss - Ella Quinn
It's Been You - Rina Gray

Jasmine Moon - Celia Breslin

Kilty Pleasures - Nancy Fraser
Kiss Beneath the Mistletoe, A - Jenna Jaxon
Kiss My Crown - Alexis Noelle
Kiss of the Silver Wolf - Sharon Buchbinder

- L -
Lady Claire Is All That - Maya Rodale
Last Chance Matinee - Mariah Stewart
Last Empress, The - C.K. Brooke
Late Shift - Alexa Sinclaire
Legally Charming - Lauren Smith
Lessons, The - Elizabeth Brown
Librarian and the Spy, The - Susan Mann
Light of Dawn - Angela Colsin
Lizzie's Earl - Fiona Miers
Looking for Trouble - Stacey Mosteller
Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt
Love, Alchemy - Eden Ashley
Love by Secrets - Debra Elizabeth
Love Conquers All Evil - Mary Abshire
Love on the Sweet Side - Mariah Ankenman
Love on the Wild Side - Mariah Ankenman
Luke's Redemption - Anni Fife

- M -
Married This Year - Tracey Pedersen
Masquerade - Hazel Kelly & Chloe Clark
Maybe I Do - Allie Fisher
Meant for You - Michelle Major
Meant to Be - Jenna Harte
Midnight Heat - J.L. White
Mine, Forever and Always - Tammy L. Bailey
Missed Connections - Tamara Mataya
Mistakes, The - Elizabeth Brown
Moon Chosen - P.C. Cast
Moonstone Conspiracy - Elizabeth Ellen Carter
My Best Friend's Brother - Hazel Kelly
My Darling, My Disaster - Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan
My Maker's Keeper - Tiffany Current
My (Former) Nerd Stepbrother - Arabella Abbing
My Stepbrother and His Best Friend - Arabella Abbing

- N -
Naughty List, The - Various Authors
Naughty or Nice - Jessie Logan
Night Magic - Kathleen Ann Gallagher
Notorious Pleasures - Elizabeth Hoyt
Nuclear Heat - J.L. White

One Bad Day - Edie Hart
One for the Rogue - Charis Michaels
One Last Risk - Nancy Stopper
Only A Mistress Will Do - Jenna Jaxon
Only A Viscount Will Do - Tamara Gill

- P -
Passion Never Dies - Anna Durand
Passion of a Witch - K.D. Friedrich
Petrified - Olaf Moriarty Solstrand
Phoenix Decree, The - Anna Albergucci
Phoenix Unbound - Anna Albergucci
Pierced by Venom - Jenn Windrow
Playing His Game - Audrey Randall
Playing House - Laura Chapman
Poisoned Apple - Katherine McIntyre
Pure Torture - Tania Sparks

- R -
Rake's Unveiling of Lady Belle, The - Raven McAllan
Rakehell's Seduction, The - Lauren Smith
Reader, The - M.K. Harkins
Real Earls Break the Rules - Tina Gabrielle
Red Pearl, The - C.K. Brooke
Rest of Forever, The - Carrie Pulkinen
Rising for Autumn - Katherine McIntyre
Roommates - Hazel Kelly
Root - Danica Avet
Rose Petal Graves - Olivia Wildenstein
Rose Petal Graves (Full) - Olivia Wildenstein
Ruining Mr. Perfect - Marie Harte
Rules, The - Elizabeth Brown
Run to Her - Lynn Kellan

- S -
Sailor's Delight, A - Beverly Ovalle
Say You'll Stay - Corinne Michaels
Scandalous Desires - Elizabeth Hoyt
Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett, The - Raven McAllan
Scottish Lord's Secret Bride, The - Raven McAllan
Scrying for Summer - Katherine McIntyre
Sea of Stars - Amy A. Bartol
Second Chance Marquess - Jessica Jefferson
Seducing Megan - Cheryl Phipps
Seduction at the Christmas Court - Jenna Jaxon
Seer's Daughter, The - Athena Daniels
Seven Nights in Provence - Lena de Savoie
Sexy Bad Neighbor - Misti Murphy & Tami Lund
Sexy to Go (Halloween Edition) - Various Authors
Shadow Bloodlines - A.R. Cooper
Single Dad Next Door - Penelope Bloom
Something Borrowed - Eve Dangerfield
Son of Carver, A - Haven Francis
Soul Finder - Jacinta Maree
Soulless - Jacinta Maree
Steady - Danica Avet
Stepbrother Dearest - Penelope Ward
Stepbrother Surprise, The - Nicole O'Riley
Sound Effects - L.J. Greene
Stems of Affliction - MJ Brookes
Strange Brew - Angela Colsin
Suddenly Dating - Julia London
Summer Indiscretions - Tamaray Mataya
Summer of Irreverence - Cathrine Goldstein
Sweet Rivalry - K. Bromberg
Swiped - Hazel Kelly & Chloe Clark

- T -
Taken - Amy McKinley
Taste of Darkness - Catherine Vale
Teacher's Pet - Lola Darling
Tempting the Earl - Rachael Miles
Tenderfoot - Abby Drinen
Theft of Magic, A - Cara McKinnon
Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt
Time for a Highlander - Maxine Mansfield
To Find a Viking Treasure - Gina Conkle
Total D*ck - Christina Saunders
Troublemaker Next Door, The - Marie Harte
Twice As Hard - Amber Bardan
Two Worlds Collided - Karen Michelle Nutt

- U -
Undeclared - Julianna Keyes
Under Different Stars - Amy A. Bartol
Undertow - Elizabeth O'Roark

Vigilante Mine - Cera Daniels
Vortex - Lea Hart

- W -
Waking Olivia - Elizabeth O'Roark
Watch Me - Ada Frost
Wedding Shop, The - Rachel Hauck
What to Do with a Bad Boy - Marie Harte
What's Left of Me - Kimberly Lewis
When a Marquis Chooses a Bride - Ella Quinn
When a Rogue Loves a Woman - Samantha Holt
When Ash Rains Down - Cecelia Earl
When Ash Remains - Dena Garson
When You Wish - Alexandra Ivy
Whirlwind - Lea Hart
White Witch Magic - Megan Morgan
Why the Earl is After the Girl - Tabetha Waite
Wicked Intentions - Elizabeth Hoyt
Wrong Prince, The - C.K. Brooke

X-Rated - Lily Harlem

You May Kiss the Bride - Lisa Berne
You're the Rogue That I Want - Samantha Holt