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Promo & Tour: Starr Gone by Kim Briggs

Title: Starr Gone
Author: Kim Briggs
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/YA
Series: Starr Fall Series (Book Three)
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
SynopsisA Starr gone. A team betrayed. 

You never know who your true friends are until a gun’s pointed at you. One will take a bullet, and the other will pull the trigger. Starr learned that lesson the hard way. 

The perfect smile. A killer attitude. General Treadwell wanted nothing more than to turn Starr Bishop into the ideal assassin, but she’s far more valuable as Jessica Chamberlain, granddaughter and heir to Chamberlain Chocolates. Luckily, he’s found two enthusiastic replacements. They lack Starr’s intelligence, but no matter, they possess their own weapons of persuasion along with a flair for the dramatic, and that’s never a bad thing. 

Di, along with Christian, Frank, Ben and Coda, are determined to keep Starr safe, but the depths of betrayal crack the very foundation of the team. When Starr becomes a pawn in a game of power, money, and manipulation, Di channels her WWSD (What Would Starr Do) to rally the team. She owes her best friend that much. No... More. 


The rational part of my brain screams at me to kick Sami in the stomach. Kick her and send her flying across the room. The irrational part disregards any and all concern for my own wellbeing. The irrational part only cares that one of the friends I thought was dead is alive.

I tilt my head away from the whip and whirl around. “Oh my god! Sami!” I rush at her with my arms flung out. She shoves her palms into my chest. “I don’t think so,” she says and sends me flying backwards.

My arms flail wildly searching for something, anything to hold on to. Her reaction doesn’t make any sense. I thought she was dead. I thought she and Jody were dead. I mourned for them. I vowed to avenge their deaths. We should be celebrating not fighting.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Jody. Any concern I hatched for myself during Sami’s attack disappears.

Jody’s alive. She’s alive.

I leap at her, but Sami’s whip bites my kneecap. White-hot pain sears my leg, paralyzing me to one square foot of this dingy room.

I search Jody’s face for answers to a million questions. Questions I’m sure she has the answers to, but she avoids my gaze. “Jody, what’s going on?”

Sami sighs loudly. “You’re a smart girl, Starr. Figure it out.”

“No,” Frank grunts. “Get out of here.”

I raise my chin. “You did this to Frank.”

Sami smacks the whip in her hand. “I did.”

Stepping back, I place myself between the tip of her sick plaything and my best friend. “Why?”

Her lip rises in a snarl. “We were trying to find out where you were.”


“Once again you’re screwing up my life.”

Nothing she says makes sense. We were friends. Nighttime sleepovers, true confessions, best of friends. “I thought you were dead. I thought you and Jody were dead.”

She flicks her wrist. The snakelike tip bites my ankle. I stumble back. “Of course you did, because it’s all about you isn’t it?”

Hot liquid seeps across my foot. I show no weakness. You can’t with a predator. “I don’t understand. We’re friends. We’ve always been friends. I’ve never done anything to you, to either of you.” I search Jody’s face, but she still refuses to look at me.

“We’re friends?” Sami snarls. “Do you know how much I hate you? Every day of our friendship I hated you.”

The piercing fangs of her words hurt more than a whip ever could. The air in my lungs whooshes out of me. “Why?”

“Because you’re Starr,” she snarls. “You’re tall, blond, blue-eyed, with that girl next door wholeness. Guys love you. Girls want to be you. I’m sick and tired of hearing, ‘Starr this, Starr that.’ I. Hate. You.”

“Sami,” I plead. “I never meant to hurt you. I had no idea you felt this way. Why didn’t you say anything?”

Her lip curls as if she’s found a most distasteful piece of lint on her shirt. “Of course you didn’t do anything. That was the problem. You’re so freaking perfect. You’re so freaking nice. You never want anyone to be upset with you—you make me sick.”

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Starr Gone Fun Facts by Kim Briggs

  1. Kissing & Pizza:
    • Starr either kisses or thinks about kissing 27 times. Well, it’s not all Starr and Christian kissing. Two others pair off too, but you’ll have to read Starr Gone to find out what romance blooms.
    • Pizza was used 18 times. Jude promised the team New York style pizza while at their headquarters in Asheville, NC. They never got to try it. I’ll never tell why though.
    • Wig: 8 times. A beauty salon session and a razor. A character is forced to wear a wig. Can you guess who?
  1. Stick to it: Di used Elmer’s Glue to spike her hair. When she’s in a rush, she uses Gorilla Snot, but Elmer’s glue is a Goth’s best friend.
  2. Dr. Martens: The ultimate ass kicker boot. Di wears them. Christian wears them. With a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong with these babies. Biggest Secret: Probably the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear.  
  3. FBI Least Wanted: When in doubt: Google.
    • Use of Chloroform: In the movies, the bad guys always use a rag laced with some substance that causes the victim to pass out. When the victim comes to, they immediately try to escape. Research suggests victims throw up or develop a severe reaction to chloroform. In many cases, something else is used.
  4. Where is Starr? Asheville is a complicated labyrinth of city streets. Due to the geography and a warped sense of planning roads don’t run in grids, one ways are complicated, and any type of event at the courthouse or the park closes the city for what feels like miles in every direction.
  5. The Courthouse in downtown Asheville is the backup meeting location in case Team Starr’s headquarters is compromised. It was designed by architect Frank Pierce Milburn and built between 1924 and 1928. It’s a 17-story, steel frame building sheathed in brick and ashlar veneer. It is one of the most historical and architecturally significant courthouses in the US.
  6. In Cherokee, North Carolina, there are several shops that sell authentic Eastern Band of Cherokee made products including the glass bead necklace Christian gave Starr. Beware of imitations. These shops pay their artists fairly (and you can order online.)
      • Qualla Arts and Crafts:
      • Museum of the Cherokee Indian:
      • Talking Leaves Bookstore: (828) 497-6044
      • Medicine Man Crafts:
  1. Qualla Boundary, home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is approximately 57,000 acres. It is not a reservation. It is a sovereign nation with a three-branch government: Executive Branch, headed by Principal Chief and Vice Chief; Legislative Tribal Council; and Judicial Branch.
  2. Starr Fall Series by the Numbers:
    • Rewrote beginning of Starr Fall 23 times.
    • Edited Starr Fall at least 10 times.
    • Wrote original version of Starr Lost in 1 month.
    • Rewrote Starr Lost in 1 month. (Edited multiple times)
    • Edited Starr Lost with editor 3 times.
    • Wrote Starr Gone in 5 months. (Edited multiple times)
    • Edited Starr Gone with editor 3 times.
    • Nov. 4, 2016 Starr Fall: Book One released.
    • Jan. 6, 2017 Starr Lost: Book Two released.
    • June 2, 2017 Starr Gone: Book Three releases.
  1. More Starr Fall By the Numbers:
    • # of Dark Chocolate Bars consumed per year? 36
    • # of rooms cleaned since I began writing? 0

Kim Briggs once smashed into a tree while skiing. The accident led to a concussion, a cracked sternum, temporary notoriety as a sixth grader returned from the dead, and the realization that fictionalized accounts are way more interesting than just slipping on the ice.

An unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories combined with a love of travel and happily ever afters led Kim to write her YA novel, Starr Fall, where a secret organization decides 17-year-old Starr Bishop is not only the model student, but the ideal assassin. While in hiding, Starr meets dark, moody, and dead sexy Christian Evergood. Cue the swoon worthy music. But it’s not all happily ever afters for Kim. Her NA novel, And Then He, explores the dark and scary corners of the human psyche. Following a night of innocent flirting with a handsome stranger, Tiffani finds herself in the midst of a nightmare she can’t escape. And Then He is available through Amazon and other major book retailers. Starr Fall released November 2016 with Inkspell Publishing, followed by Starr Lost in January 2017 and Starr Gone in June 2017. Her novella, Avalanche is part of the Valentine Kisses Anthology and released February 14, 2017.

When she’s not doing something writerly, Kim can be found jumping into snowdrifts with her three kids, husband, and dog. She’s careful to avoid trees.

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