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Chapter Reveal: Playing His Game by Audrey Randall

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Title: Playing His Game
Author: Audrey Randall
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Release Date: August 8, 2016
SynopsisLearning the moves from the best…

Aimee, a teacher, never wanted to be in the limelight, but when her professional videogame playing twin sister asked her to fill in for her at the regional championships, how could she say no? Especially, when the best player of  The Celestial Prophesy  is her teacher… in more ways than one. All she knows is that she is dying to lick his Star Wars Rebel Alliance tattoo and see if he is the Superman that his other body art implies.

He's going to school the teacher...

Daemon Ivanov has lusted after Aimee for years. One taste of her and he knows that she will be his. A few nights will not be enough. Daemon plays to win.

Caution: This story is full of lust. So much lust that you might find that you need a fan due to the rising temperature in the room. It's the first in a series with an HEA, but is a standalone story. 


The Virgin and the Cowboy

Carey is having the worst day ever! Her expensive new shoe breaks causing her to fall, but to make matters worse, a hot cowboy witnesses it. She never expected that her worst day ever would land her in the arms of her dream cowboy. Don’t forget to read to the end to see Carey’s HEA.

These stories are meant for an adult audience. If you are 18+, enjoy!


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playing his game 1

Chapter One


           “You have got to be kidding me?!” Aimee replied as she looked at her identical
twin sister, Stephanie. Steph had always been the impulsive one, but this request
was on a whole new level- even for Steph.

            “I’m not! Look, we really could use your help! If you don’t go as me, the
whole team will lose! I can’t do it, and you have the summer since school’s out…”
Stephanie pleaded as she held up her arms, both sporting bright pink casts up to
her mid forearm. She then did her best puppy dog eye impression to guilt Aimee
even more.

            Aimee felt a bang of sympathy for her wounded sister and thanked
whoever had saved Steph a worse fate. The poor thing had been lucky to only
break both of her wrists in the massive car accident she had been in the day
before. Her injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for her career. Steph’s guild
in the wildly popular videogame, The Celestial Prophesy, the Star Raiders, had
made it to the regional competition that was taking place in two days. Winners
from the regional games went onto the national competitions. The Star Raiders
were a fan favorite to move on, but if word got out about Steph’s injury, it could
hurt more than just their chances of winning. It put into jeopardy their livelihood,
which included major company sponsorships, conferences, consulting, and prize
money. Nebula One, the game’s creator, had made a fortune off the game and so
had their key players. It was the most popular game in the world, boasting whole
channels dedicated to its play and regular news spots covering the game and
popular players like Steph and her team.

            Feeling guilty about possibly letting down Daemon, Aaron, and Lana,
Steph had concocted a wild plan to have Aimee pose as her for the competition.
The problem was, Aimee had no clue how to play The Celestial Prophesy. As a
second grade teacher in Berkeley, California, Aimee didn’t really understand what
it was about the space game that made her sister spend all her waking hours
playing it. Heck, she was still amazed that people made such a comfortable living
from it.

            “Look, I’ve already invited Daemon over to help teach you. He’s arguably
the best player in the game, after me of course,” Steph said as she bent forward to
take a sip from the bendy straw in her soda.

            “Of course, you are the best,” Aimee agreed as she took a sip of her own
soda. “It’ll be a miracle if he manages to speak three words to me,” she mused.
Aimee felt her panties getting wet just thinking about Daemon Ivanov. She hated
to admit it, but he had played a large role in her personal nighttime fantasies. He
was very drool worthy.

            “Maybe he has a crush on you?” Steph suggested waggling her eyebrows at
Aimee with a silly smile. When she then gave an exaggerated pucker kiss, Aimee
felt herself start laughing.

            “Ha!” Aimee retorted. She wished that he did. Although he had spent many
afternoons on her couch over the last two years, she had also seen him on TV and
magazines dating models and actresses.

            Aimee vividly remembered a year ago when he even dated the Prime Minister
of England’s daughter. His popularity wasn’t that surprising, at six foot three with
his rangy cowboy type of build that always drew the ladies eyes. She had always
wanted to ask him how he got such a great body from playing games
professionally, since it was such a ‘couch potato’ type of job. She knew he spent a
lot of time indoors, since he was a bit on the pale side. But, that only turned
Aimee on more. As a huge fan of vampire romances, it was like he was her own
blood sucker. How she would love to let him suck her! She could write whole
sonnets on his gorgeous lips. Sometimes the image of him using his sexy lips on
various parts of her body would pop in her mind at the most inopportune times at
work- giving a spelling test, photocopying papers, staff meetings. It always served
to make her cream her panties, especially if she imagined herself holding his head
to her mound, weaving her fingers through his thick, wavy black hair as he looked
up at her with his moss green eyes. Yum!

            Spending any time alone with Daemon might not be a good thing. It wasn’t
just his sexy body that called to her, but his personality too. He was… intense. He
had a certain charisma about him that made Aimee’s panties melt. Although they
had never had a conversation without her sister present, she had always felt a
spark between them. A spark that could ignite into a five alarm fire on her side, if
she let it. She didn’t want to ruin her sister’s career and friendship because she
couldn’t keep her panties on.

            “It’ll be fine, Aimee,” Steph reassured Aimee.

            A knock sounded on the door making the twins turn. “I’ll just… get that.”
Aimee set her drink down and got up from the couch, feeling frazzled. If only she
had been given some more warning, she might have been able to handle this.
Now, she would be letting everyone down when she told them there was no way
she could pose as Steph for the game. She felt torn. It felt morally wrong to lie,
but at the same time she couldn’t look into the face of her sister and her team as
she told them she would be letting them down.

            Before answering the door, Aimee looked at herself in the full length
mirror next to the coat closet. “Arg!” she tore her fingers through her long,
mahogany hair to try to get it to behave. It was an effort in vain, as it continued to
fall limply around her face.

            Another knock sounded on the door, and Steph gave a laugh from the
couch as Aimee jumped. “Impatient guy! You might want to get that!” her sister
called to her with a laugh. Aimee just turned and stuck her tongue out at her twin.

            She then pulled her pale blue sundress down a bit, wishing that she didn’t
have those extra ten pounds around her thighs or that she had time to change
into something that didn’t show so much leg. Mentally counting to three, she
opened the door.
I'm just a girl who loves romance with heat in my books. From a young age, I used to sneak romance novels to read in the middle of the night. The more smut the better! When I'm not picturing men in kilts, or preferably nothing at all, I like to read, watch movies, and eat as much ice cream as possible!Feel free to contact me! I love to hear from my readers! :)



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