Friday, July 22, 2016

Review: Total D*ck by Christina Saunders

Title: Total D*ck
Author: Christina Saunders
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Series: Bad Bitch Series (Book Three)
Publisher: Swerve
Format: ebook via Purchase
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisI’m your classic skirt chaser. A womanizer. A total d*ck. My reputation is dirtier than a New Orleans street after a Mardi Gras parade. I take unwinnable cases and win them. Where people see defeat, I see a big fat paycheck. And when most men see rejection, it’s because the sexiest woman at the bar has already promised to go home with me.

But Scarlett Carmichael is the one person I can’t seem to conquer. This too-cool former debutante has it all—class, attitude, and a body that begs to be worshipped. I’ve never worked with a person like her before—hell, I’ve never played nice with anyone before in my life, and I’m not about to start with her. This woman wasn’t meant to be played nicely with. It’s going to be dirty. It’s going to be hot. She’s about to spend a lot of time with the biggest d*ck in town. And she’s going to love every minute of it…

This is the third book of the series and the final of the three brothers to find his match. In Total D*ck, we follow Kennedy, a big-shot plaintiff's attorney who is hired to work alongside Scarlett, a sharp and ambitious lawyer. Scarlett works for a large company who has recently been hacked by a competitor.

The book starts off strong, with the introductions of the two characters whose first meeting does not go very well. After, there is friction between Kennedy and Scarlett at every turn, even when deciding whose car to take to a meeting. A quick-witted hacker, Carey, is thrown into the mix and the three of them make an entertaining team.

The sexual tension is there between the two characters, immediately. Too soon, in my opinion. In the second book of the series, the sexual tension builds slower and makes more sense. In this book, however, Kennedy's need to get Scarlett on her back takes over most every thought in his head. And strangely enough, even though Scarlett seems to hate everything about Kennedy, she still reciprocates those naughty thoughts and isn't good at hiding it.

P.S. Can I just say that this gif makes me very happy? Yes, yes it does.

Unfortunately, I found that neither of the characters gave a hoot about the other one, unless it was while ogling their 'assets'. There is very little effort made on either part to actually get to know the other person. It's mostly just a physical connection. And while that is certainly entertaining, it doesn't make me want to root for the couple's HEA.

Once we get into the throngs of the mysterious hacking, the action increases and the story picks up. Unfortunately, there is still very little interaction between the two characters other than a sexual nature. So we still don't have a good idea of who Kennedy and Scarlett really are or what they want in their futures.

However, even though I've complained a bit, there was still a lot to like about this book. The steamy sex scenes are entertaining and the secondary characters like Carey and Faye bring a humorous and lighter feel to the story. The almost caveman-like interactions between Kennedy and other men who interact with Scarlett are amusing, as well.

In closing...
This one didn't quite live up to the second book of the series in my opinion. But still, it was a fairly good read and I do intend to go back and read the first book, too. 3 suns!

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