Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O'Roark

Title: Waking Olivia
Author: Elizabeth O'Roark
Genre/Age: Romance/NA
Series: None
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Netgalley
Rating: ✺✺✺
Synopsis:"That girl isn't just trouble of the not-a-team-player, not-a-reliable-runner variety. She's trouble of the devious, manipulative, too-f***ing-hot-for-her-own good variety. She's the kind of girl who causes trouble merely by existing, and then makes sure to cause more. 
And the last thing I need right now is more trouble."

A failing farm.
His father’s debt.
And a struggling college track team. 
Will Langstrom has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia Finnegan, a beautiful but troubled new transfer student.

A smart mouth. 
A strong right hook.
And a secret that could destroy her. 
Olivia is her own worst enemy, with a past she can’t seem to escape, and the last person she wants help from is a cocky track coach she can never seem to please.
Refusing to be pushed away, Will is determined to save her. 
And determined to resist an attraction that could destroy them both.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.** 

This gif pretty much sums me up at the moment:

I started this book yesterday with the intention of just getting a few chapters in before bed. You know? Just get my feet wet, so to speak, to see what the story was about. Well... that few chapters turned into more chapters and soon I was halfway through the book and the sun was starting to rise. I snuck into bed so my husband wouldn't know I had done it, again. Stayed up all night reading!

From the very first chapter, this book sucked me inside and refused to let me leave! It was amazing. I was so deep into the story that I cringed and gasped and awed along with the characters. Truly, it was a great experience.

As you can tell from the synopsis, this is a forbidden love type of story. This one was a coach-student relationship. In the past week or so, I've also read two other forbidden romance stories. I seem to really like those for some naughty reason. One of my guilty pleasures, I guess.


We follow Olivia, our star athlete who has a harsh past and mysterious reoccurring and terrifying nightmares with a side of sleepwalking sleeprunning. That, along with her abrasive attitude, causes problems for her at every turn.

One of those problems is her coach, Will, who wants nothing to do with the troubled girl. However, Olivia's running skills are severely needed to help the school's track team and Will is forced to try to find a way to manage Olivia.

This sets them on a course that uncovers mysteries from Olivia's past and forces Will to face his own current demons, as well. Together, they face quite a bit of turmoil. It's a fast-paced and exciting ride that I will definitely take again. This one will be a re-read, for sure!

In closing...
Fabulous story with incredible characters. It was a fun ride from beginning to end. 5 amazing suns!

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