Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Tenderfoot by Abby Drinen

Title: Tenderfoot
Author: Abby Drinen
Genre/Age: Fantasy/YA
Series: Enova Series (Book One)
Publisher: Enova Press
Format: ebook via Purchase (Freebie Day)
Rating: ✺✺✺
Synopsis“No lights, no sound. But my skin knows this isn’t home. Why aren’t I afraid?”

Orphaned teenagers, Linnea, Sammy, Logan, and Daisy, have never met until they’re drawn into the fabric between worlds, crossing over from Earth to a place called Enova. Leaving behind lives filled with pain and loss they find hope in this new place. Adopted by caring, Enovan families they begin to settle in, but an assassination attempt on their lives changes everything. These four strangers must now band together and unravel the mysteries behind their purpose in Enova if they want to survive.

I don't even know where to begin!

From the cover, I would have never guessed what type of book this was going to be. The blurb made me think that it was more of a sci fi novel, based on the jumping between worlds. But after reading, it seems almost a cross between sci fi and fantasy. There is a definite romantic aspect there, too, which I like. My favorite genre-pairing is fantasy romance.

In this book, we have four complete strangers who land in Enova, a distant world. They arrive at the same time but in different parts of the new land and are essentially adopted by families in their respective regions. Their personalities are very different, yet each suffers from their own tragic past.

From the beginning, we get a look into the story from several perspectives. Each of the main characters have a turn telling their stories (though not always in the same order). I like seeing the same story as being told from different views. It helps to bring a certain level of symmetry that we lack from a simple first person POV.

We learn early on that our four are not the first to arrive in this strange land. Earthlings that have come before them have assisted the Enova citizens in locating a much needed power source that only people from Earth can hear. Our group is expected to do the same, however, tragedy occurs before they can.

The unexplained attack leaves Daisy, Logan, Linnea, and Sammy in a comatose-like state. Their bodies are ill and their minds are trapped inside of a haunting hallway. It was almost like the twilight zone to me, reading about their visits to previous memories and meeting their guardians (and each other).

After the attack on their lives, there is an attempt to move the group to a safer location. The journey causes all sorts of strife between each other and their guardians. Not to mention, each are discovering and revealing their own special abilities. And just like what you would expect to happen when strangers come together, there are squabbles, romances, bouts of jealousy, etc., that kept me turning the pages.

In closing...
Just when we really get to know the characters and they begin to form bonds, the book ends! Now I'm left sitting, impatiently, waiting on the next book to be released. Four fun stars for the surprisingly entertaining Tenderfoot!


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