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Review & Blitz: Whirlwind by Lea Hart

Title: Whirlwind
Author: Lea Hart
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance
Series: Security Alliance International Series (Book Two)
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Goddess Fish Promotions
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisSara Montgomery is being targeted by one of the United States’ most feared organized crime groups. What options does she have when the Outfit decides they want to bring her in? Will the FBI provide enough protection or will she need more? 

Grady Merrick is a partner in the Florida office of SAI and discovers the threat and knows he has no choice but to protect his neighbor. His sexy, beautiful neighbor. This is one assignment he’s going to enjoy. 

Watch what happens when two people find themselves in the throes of a violent and destructive force. Will they survive the events or be caught in the whirlwind? 

“Why didn’t you say something? You could’ve given me a heads-up,” he replied.

“I’ve spoken less than a dozen words to you over the last year. I wasn’t about to come over and have that be our first conversation. I figured you knew and didn’t care.”

Agnes shushed them from the other side of the couch. “You two be quiet. I can’t hear anything.”

“Turn up your hearing aid,” Sara called out.

Grady sat back and wondered when his life had started to go down the toilet. Being notorious was never something he thought would happen. And yet, here it was. The show finally caught his attention when all three ladies sighed and clapped their hands. “What just happened?”

“The one she’s interested in confessed he’s falling for her. They just kissed for the first time,” Sara responded.

“Don’t get too excited,” Gladys said. “She doesn’t end up with him. I checked out the website with all the spoilers, and she doesn’t choose him.”

“Don’t tell us any more. I want to be surprised,” Sara responded.

“You know this is a scripted show. None of this is real,” Grady whispered.

“That kiss he just gave her was about as real as things get. Trust me…I know.”

That was a fairly cryptic comment. He studied her for a moment and remembered what Dane had said about her having a lot on her plate. It was time to get to know his neighbor and see what she was all about. It seemed fair, since she’d been in the front row of the freak show that had been his life for the last several months. Plus, she smelled good.

Grinning, he settled back and watched the show. If he’d been a betting man, he would have placed money on Sara not having an ounce of drama in her life. He moved his arm along the back of the couch and looked forward to spending time with the girl next door.

I live in Southern California and write stories about sassy, smart women and the alpha men who fall for them. When I'm not writing, I take care of my daughters and try to take long walks. I believe in the power of a big glass of wine, the right pair of shoes, and a big dose of sarcasm.

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**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.** 

As a prior member of the US Navy, who just happened to be stationed for six years in San Diego, this book really tugged at my heartstrings! The mentions of Coronado, the SEAL base, and Comic-Con all brought me back to my Cali days. Go Navy and hooyah SEALs!

Image result for navy seals gif

No, not those seals. The other ones. You know, the strong and sexy manly weapons-of-heart-destruction who are quick on their feet and good with their hands? Well, this book is filled with them. It is the second book of the series and the first that I have read. (Although, I do have the first book in my clutches, compliments of Lea Hart, so expect a review for Vortex very soon!)

Grady has just returned from an extended trip out of the country. He may or may not have been trying to avoid his loony ex-girlfriend, Angelina. And while he's away... the crazy woman did play. Angelina put on quite a performance while taking out all of her frustrations on Grady's poor house. Her antics entertained the entire neighborhood, including Grady's next door neighbor, Sara.

Sara is a woman in hiding. After an unfortunate situation with her biological father puts Sara on a crime family's radar, she has fled her former life and found herself here, living next door to a man who has obviously questionable taste in women.

But now that Grady has cut ties with Angelina, he finally realizes that something (or someone) special has been living right under his nose, all along. He immediately feels attraction to Sara and a strangely intense need to protect her.

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Enter: Security Alliance International, the company Grady works for that specializes in just the thing that Sara needs to keep her out of the hands of the mob. Grady takes his job of protecting Sara very seriously, despite her efforts to push him away. Soon, the two are on a steamy journey to escape Angelina's wrath and put the mob's interest in Sara to rest.

This was a sweet story of a man finding someone special and trying to hold on to her. The plot of the book was mostly steady, but the romance side was quickly developed. So if you want a slow burn sort of romance, this book may not be for you.

I liked the storyline, but I loved the characters! The neighborhood elderly women were downright hilarious. Grady's coworkers were a colorful crew that I definitely want to read more about. In fact, I see at least two more couples brewing in the SAI company. I hope Ivy and Ryan's story gets told, soon!

My only critique is due to personal preference. There was a lot of sweet and sappy interaction between our main couple. Most people like this sort of thing. I do, too, to a certain extent. But I really prefer my romance to be snappy and spicy. In fact, I think that's why I look forward to hearing more about Ivy and Ryan. *wink, wink*

In closing... 
Four suns for Whirlwind, which makes me want to go hug my Navy sailor husband and take a short vacation to San Diego! 

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