Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Songs To Read To

Top Ten Songs To Read To

This week's theme is related to audio and music. I could have made a list of favorite audiobooks, but I haven't really listened to that many. I could also have listed my favorite songs or bands. But I decided to make a list of my favorite songs to listen to while reading. Of course, this is my current favorites list. Come back in a few months and this list might be entirely different. So here they are, in no particular order:

Love Me Like You Do
Ellie Goulding
The passionate lyrics and music make this one perfect for those emotional love scenes. I can just see my favorite characters running into each other's arms while this songs is playing in the background.

Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis

Yet another emotional song, but this one is for all of the heartbreaking moments when our couple is ripped apart for any number of reasons. It is such a painfully gorgeous song.


Sometimes crazy things happen in our stories and this song perfectly fits just about every one of those moments when a love goes horribly and insanely wrong.

Dare You To Move

One of my absolute favorite songs to listen to, at any time. This song can fit alongside every single angsty romance relationship ever written about, where we are impatiently waiting for the guy or girl to make a move.

This Woman's Work

This is my number one favorite song of all time. And this is my favorite rendition of it. Skip to 30 seconds in, if you want to skip over the talking. Just the beginning of this song soothes my soul. The heartbreak fits so many scenes and this song has been used in soundtracks and on So You Think You Can Dance.


I went through a metal phase in high school, that I still come back to from time to time. This song is about pain and suffering, something that our leading ladies often experience as they journey through their stories. YA female characters who think they aren't good enough for the guy, especially.

Here With Me

Play this song when you're reading about a character who is pining for their long lost love. If you read my Top Ten Shows I Miss post, you would already know that this song is from Roswell and that I absolutely love it!

It's Getting Better All The Time
Brooks & Dunn

I listen to a lot of country, so it's actually harder to list favorites of that genre because I have so many. But this song I like to listen to when a character is getting over someone and they come face to face with their ex. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that you're moving on and will survive the heartbreak.

No Air
Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

A beautifully emotional song that perfectly expresses the struggle book characters go through when they can't be with the one they love, for any reason. Even the video is emotionally charged.

And finally...
The mother of all love songs...

Take My Breath Away

I didn't watch Top Gun until I was an adult, but I fell in love with this song long before that. It just screams love and emotion and the intense longing that happens in nearly every love story out there. It will enhance your reading, every single time. I guarantee it.

I have an entire list of reading songs that include: Lana Del Rey, Taking Back Sunday, Faith Hill, Katy Perry, Green Day, and so many more. I might make another and more cohesive list, later on!

What is on your Top Ten Tuesday list?

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