Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spotlight Tour: Confessions of Us by Alexandra Forry

Title: Confessions of Us
Author: Alexandra Forry
Series: Confessions of Us Series (Volume 1)
Genre/Age: Romance
Publisher: Self-published
SynopsisAs a girl, Adaline was left orphaned due to gang violence and to be raised by her grandmother and her parents’ old friend Frank, now following in her parent's footsteps she finds herself at a crossroad in her life of what she wants and what she feels she has a responsibility to do. 

As soon as Adaline makes the commitment to the mafia however her life becomes riddled with lies, betrayal, lust, and murder. When the one person Adaline always thought she could believe in becomes the one person she can't trust a question begins to pull at Adaline's mind one day will she live through it or will she find herself in an early grave just as her parents did? Adaline is unsure of the answer but will do anything for the possibility of becoming a famous news journalist.

"Hey, my name is Dayton, I came over here to share a drink with you." The man holds out his hand for her to shake.

"I don't share drink with strangers." Adaline says meanwhile turns her face to the other side without thinking about how rude and off-putting it is. Regretting it she looks at him and shakes his hand expecting him to walk away. Cat and Heidi snicker in the background at her awkwardness.

"Ok, so do you mind give me the honor of this dance?" The man raises an eyebrow at her questioning look about whether or not she dances. “Or do you just not dance either?”

“No no, I dance…” Adaline says awkwardly. The snickers from behind her get louder so she shoots them a glare. Demanding silently that they shut up.

"No no, I dance." Adaline says awkwardly. The snickers from behind her get louder, so she shoots them a glare, demanding silently that they shut up.

“So would you?” Dayton asks her once more.

“Would I what?”

"So would you?" Dayton asks her once more. His eyes were full of happiness

“Would I what?” Adaline asks Dayton on an acute accent.

Cat and Heidi burst out laughing in response to this before coming to Adaline's rescue explaining to the man that she is a little bit awkward in meeting to people.

"She would love to have a special dance." Cat declares before gently pushing Adaline in Dayton’s direction.

"So is your name pretty like you?" the man says once they get to the dance floor and begin dancing.

“It's Adaline.” 

"Adaline, Wow that is a beautiful name as I guess." The man begins to spin her around on the dance floor. They dance for nearly two hours before taking a break to sit in a booth and talk.

Alexandra Forry has an incredible talent for living vicariously through the colorful and intriguing escapades of her strong female characters and successful leading men.  Her first book, “Omerta Affair,” based on the true story of mafia boss Tony Torino and his paramour Evelyn Rosenberg has recently been adapted and re-released as “Timeless Endings”--romance fiction.  “Wildflower,” is an adventure in coming of age for both a young orphan and her repressed aunt who is trapped in a destructive marriage.  It is a beautiful story of life, hope, growth, and triumph and deals with many of the traumas of youth, such as bullying.
Alexandra Forry is familiar with life’s challenges.  She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now she lives with her loving family in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Alexandra has conquered the limitations of Cerebral Palsy to write exciting and engaging novels.  She has completed a number of talks and internet book tours and is a member of the Las Vegas Romance Writers and RWA.  She is currently working on her seventh book.

Confessions of Us will be Free during the tour!

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