Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: Guardian of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence

Title: Guardian of Paradise
Author: W.E. Lawrence
Genre/Age: Historical Romance/Adult
Series: None
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Book Publicity Services
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisIn 1888, Kira Wall, surviving daughter of missionaries swept away in a tsunami, lives a primitive, but enjoyable life with natives on an isolated island in the South Pacific. But her serene world is turned upside down when an Australian merchant ship, commanded by the sinister Captain Darcy Coleman, arrives with an overabundance of modern and lavish goods. Kira suspects ill intent. Chief Ariki refuses to listen to Kira’s warning, forcing her to uncover the real plan of the captain on her own. Unfortunately, she has a distraction. A six-foot tall, blond, and handsome distraction. Trevor Marshall, doctor and botanist, hopes to find exotic plants on the island to research new cures and medicines. He is dedicated to science, but when meeting the strong-willed, beautiful Kira Wall, he’d prefer to spend time researching her—all night. 

The captain thwarts Kira’s attempts to call him out at every step, turning the village chief against her. With only Trevor and her best friend Malana by her side, she stalks the captain and his officers through the dense, predator infested jungle, toward the island’s inactive volcano. Frustrated by her failure to reveal the captain’s true intentions, Kira begins to think maybe she’s wrong about everything. Then an explosion and earthquake bigger than anyone on the island has ever seen renews her resolve. Was the blast natural or man-made? She is determined to prove it was the captain’s doing. Kira races against time and the island people’s naivety to stop the captain from destroying her home and killing everyone she loves.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.**

What a great island adventure with romance on the side!

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Kira isn't a native of the island on which she resides, but she still feels a responsibility to protect the land and people who she has grown to love as her own family. When foreign visitors are spotted approaching, she will do anything to make sure that the islanders are not taken advantage of and the crops remain fruitful. The one thing she doesn't realize she may need to protect is her own heart.

Trevor's purpose for hitching a ride on a merchant ship is in order to visit faraway lands. As a doctor who specializes in medicines, he wishes to study unknown plants and research their properties in order to advance current medicine. The island is full of new and exciting discoveries but Trevor's biggest find may not be a 'what', but a 'who'...

With hopes of keeping her keen eye on the visitors, Kira agrees to escort Trevor around the island so he can collect samples for his studies. Along the way, the two begin to enjoy each other's company just as much as the exotic scenery surrounding them. Soon, a love affair begins that heats up the digital pages.

Unfortunately, trouble is brewing on the island. Kira's suspicions about the ship's captain having an ulterior motive for being there just may be correct. She must find a way to prove that the captain is up to no good and fight to keep harm from coming to the people she loves. Dynamite, volcanoes, and malicious sailors are a few of the obstacles standing in Kira's way.

This book was about two-thirds adventure and one-third romance. However, this didn't diminish the story for me, at all. The romantic element was certainly entertaining and the love scenes were nicely done. The adventure kept me guessing and turning the digital pages. There were surprises, a few gut-wrenching moments, and a sweet ending. It was a great read!

In closing...
If you like adventure books with a dash of spicy romance, this might be the one for you. Four suns!

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