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Review: Root by Danica Avet

Title: Root
Author: Danica Avet
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/NA
Series: Band Nerd Series (Book Two)
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via The Romance Reviews
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisUntil I joined the Marching 300 at Sauvage State University, I was just too-tall, tuba-playing Lena Leblanc. But college changes everything. Suddenly I have friends, and they won't let me dodge the attraction I have for hulking, Viking-like football player Anders De Groot. He makes me feel; makes me believe that I'm more than a burden to others. That I'm more than just Lena. And for a girl whose mother checked out years ago, that's the scariest feeling of all.

Before I met Lena, all I had was school and football; study and stadiums full of spectators cheering for "Root!" Now, I can't get her out of my head. She's everything I could possibly want in a woman and I need to prove to her how good we'll be together. I need to show her that, no matter what, she's perfection. My perfection. And I'll stand my ground to make sure nothing ever hurts her. Not even her family.

See what I mean? How can he even be real? So impossibly sweet and hot? But with my stepfather threatening us, I'll have to learn how to step up and fight for what I want. Otherwise I'll lose the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

The Romance Review

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.**

Wow, what a fantastic read! I want my own sweet Viking football player!

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This book really impressed me. It was hilarious and I may have laughed so loudly that everyone in my house thought I was insane. I also shouted a bit when a certain scene caught me off guard. The romance was absolutely adorable and the characters were practically perfect to me. I just fell right in love with this book.

Lena's life could use a bit of excitement and positivity, for once. Her mother is a drug addict and her relationship with her step-father is volatile. Now that she is in college, she is determined to allow herself to live a little. Fortunately, she comes across a trio of girls who, though opposite from her in every way, are a breath of fresh air in her life.

Anders may be a football player but he knows his future doesn't lie in the sport. He works his tail off to stay on top of his classes and allows little distraction. Partying is the last thing on his mind. But after meeting the lovely Lena, Anders finds his attention has shifted onto the woman who is perfect for him. And when another guy with a rotten reputation sets his sights on Lena, Anders' protective and possessive instincts kick into high gear.

Lena and Anders are both new to this relationship business. Communication and intimacy take a while to establish but the couple is determined to make it work. That is, until the world comes crashing down around them when Lena's step-father does the unthinkable, putting the couple's futures in serious danger at every turn. Finding help in strange places may be their only way out.

I have zero complaints about this book. I laughed, I shouted, I blushed, I smiled. I loved it! Lena and Anders' relationship was one that I don't see much in romance novels. Two people who like each other from the very beginning and don't allow anything, no matter how tragic, to come between them. Lena's character really surprised me when she refused to let Anders go. My respect for her doubled when she was willing to fight for her man. It was heartwarming and realistic.

The pacing was just right to make this budding relationship believable. The love scenes were hot and plentiful. The secondary characters added humor and range to the story. I foresee several interesting books ahead with the couples that were hinted at in this book. I'm especially anxious to see if Ivan is really as "terrible" as we think...

In closing...
I haven't read the first book of the series but I certainly will, along with any books to follow. Though, I'm not sure if anything could beat this story! Five flaming suns!

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