Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: Summer Indiscretions by Tamara Mataya

Title: Summer Indiscretions
Author: Tamara Mataya
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/Adult
Series: Summer Love Series (Book Two)
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: ebook via NetGalley
Rating: ✺✺.5
SynopsisLife Swap: Free-spirited beach-dweller looking to Switch lives with outgoing urbanite. Sense of adventure mandatory. Clothing optional.

One email away from a total meltdown, Melanie Walker's desperate to escape New York. Using Switch-a website designed to help strangers swap homes for the summer-she slips out of her stilettos and into a string bikini. But of all the beaches in all the world, Blake Wilde just had to show up on hers. He's hot. Scorching hot. And he's been strictly off-limits for as long as she can remember.

To hell with that. New life? New rules.

Melanie knows something this good can't be made to last. But for three sizzling weeks, she can pretend there won't be consequences, recriminations, or regret...and that somehow their growing connection can be more than just a summer fling.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.**

Holy 'inner dialogue' Batman!

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I loved Blake in Missed Connections. His character was sweet, funny, and thoughtful. And while he wasn't the intended love interest in that book, I was really happy to hear that he was getting his turn to find a love connection in the sequel.

Blake was still a great character in this book, too! He wasn't quite as humorous this time around but still had a few moments here and there. And he was still a sweet guy with a heart of gold and a body to match. I even liked his willingness to help his friend out by checking in on his little sister, Melanie, during her sudden vacation.

Melanie's existence was in limbo. She liked her job but it was beginning to fall flat for her as she wanted a change of scenery. A change of scenery she found when she swapped houses with a stranger for two weeks, leaving on a well-needed trip to Miami. We watched her struggle with her desire to be a more daring and outgoing woman during her getaway.

The idea was intriguing and the characters were primed for this story. Unfortunately, the execution fell short for me. The book started off well enough, with our couple making their way to the vacation spot and crossing paths. Their chemistry was believable, especially considering the two characters were already well-acquainted at the beginning of the book. The romance bloomed quickly into a full-fledged romp in the sheets. I was not bothered by the speediness of the romance, at all.

My problem with the book came after the couple established an intimate relationship. There was quite a bit of sex happening and very little else. The main conflict of this story came from the "what-ifs" that were barely even real problems considering this was a coupling of two mature adults. And there was so dang much inner dialogue, it made my head spin. Thoughts were repeated, over and over, and I was inwardly screaming for the story to move along.

In closing...
While I still have love for Blake, I think this book could have been half the length if the pages upon pages of inner "thoughts" were minimized or removed. That would have left more room for love scenes and fun outings or even a real conflict or two. As is, I give it 2.5 suns!

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