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Book Blitz: Beautiful Dark by J.L. White

Title: Beautiful Dark
Author: J.L. White
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/Adult
Series: The Beautiful Rivers Series (Book Three)
Publisher: Velvet Pen Books
SynopsisWho is Mason Reeves? 

Corrine Rivers and her cousins desperately need to find out. Evidence suggests he’s the illegitimate child of her beloved Uncle Grant. The truth is just as hard to bear. 

What’s also hard is Mason himself. All over. From his broad, muscular chest and massive biceps to his “screw you” attitude. Because Mason Reeves wants nothing to do with his inheritance or the wealthy Rivers clan, and isn’t afraid to say so. 

As Mason’s tragic connections to Corrine’s family emerge, the facts are reason enough for her to stay away. But she can’t seem to resist him, and what’s worse, he feels the same way about her. To everyone’s surprise, Corrine and Mason get in deep, in more ways than one. But it turns out the biggest obstacle to their happiness isn’t Mason’s past. 

It’s hers. 

NOTE: Adult Content Ahead

My heart leaps into my throat, and I swipe to answer. “Hello?”
“Hi,” Mason says, his low voice reaching deep into my chest. “I hope it’s okay that I called.”
“Of course,” I say, my voice sounding kind of giddy and nervous. I pinch my eyes shut and take a deep, silent breath.
“I wanted to be with you for the big moment. Besides, it seemed better to wish you a Merry Christmas over the phone instead of texting.”
“Christmas isn’t until tomorrow,” I say, my voice thankfully not sounding like a little schoolgirl anymore. My smile is coming through though, not that I mind.
“Then Merry Christmas Eve.”
“Merry Christmas Eve to you, too.”
“So did I miss it?”
“Miss what?”
“Did you try it yet?”
“Oh!” I’ve been standing here motionless, knife in hand. I jolt into motion. “No, I’m cutting it now.”
“Good. Get ready for ecstasy.”
I manage not to moan, and not over the fudge. His voice already sounds so fucking sexy, but throw in the word ‘ecstasy’ and my mind goes to dirty places.
“I’m cutting it into sixteen pieces,” I say, as I finish the vertical cuts. “Is that how you do it?”
“Yeah. It’s pretty rich, so twelve comes out a little large.”
Yep. My mind is still thinking dirty things. But how can I help it after a comment like that? Not for the first time, I wonder if his man part is as oversized as the rest of him. Not that I would get access to it anyway. I’m just curious.
I start fumbling through the drawer for the tiny spatula, telling myself to pull it together. I’d like to have a conversation with him without being a little horn dog the whole time. It’s just that he sounds so good, it’s making me remember what it was like to exchange those heated glances with one another.
“Okay,” I say, tucking the phone against my ear with my elbow, lifting a little piece of fudge out of the pan, and grabbing it with my free hand. “I’m eating it now.”
Then I let out the most sinful moan I’ve ever made. Because when I put that little piece of heaven on my tongue, oh my god. “Mmmm.”
“Yeah?” He sounds a little breathless.
“Mmmm,” I moan again, letting the smooth caramel and chocolaty texture caress my tongue. “Holy lord.”
He exhales. “Uh... you’re welcome.”
I laugh, cheeks burning, licking my lips. “That was fucking amazing.”
“I’m glad you liked it,” he says, sounding slightly more normal. God, did we just have food sex? Is that a thing? Because if it’s not, it should be.

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J.L. White writes sassy, steamy contemporary and new adult romances featuring smart heroines and the swoon-worthy men who adore them. If you’re tired of heroes who are jerks, heroines who are too stupid to live, and relationships that scream “train wreck” instead of “true love”, she’s your girl.

Her first series, the Firework Girls, centers around four amazing, hilarious girlfriends. Her newest series, Beautiful Rivers, follows the young heirs of the luxurious Rivers Paradise Resort as they find love.

Each book can be read as a STANDALONE, comes complete with a HEA, and is guaranteed to make you squirm.

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