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Review: Friend Zoned by Wren Michaels

Title: Friend Zoned
Author: Wren Michaels
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/NA
Series: None
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via The Romance Reviews
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisAll's fair in love and war until one person gets stuck in an arranged marriage.

Catherine 'Cat' Marek has a sociology paper due on dissecting the laws of attraction. Project Panty Drop will case study two different men; one she'll go after in person and the other she'll attempt to charm online. Hiding behind her beauty, she tries to cover up her true geeky side, and the fact that she's partially deaf.

Jaidev 'Jai' Sankar needs to knock out a paper for his online sociology class. After an encounter with the Texas Tease, Cat Marek, he decides Project Friend Zoned will be the ultimate topic, proving a guy can remain in the friend zone with a girl he finds attractive. 

As Cat puts the moves into overdrive, Jai finds it harder to remain in the 'friend zone' with her. The only thing keeping him from letting go is the fact his hardcore Hindu parents have a wedding scheduled for him. When neither can resist their attraction, the fight no longer becomes about their papers, but about the freedom to love each other.

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**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

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I'm in love here. Completely in love with this couple and this book! I don't know how it's possible to like two characters so darn much but I do. Okay. Deep breaths. *whew*

Cat needs a subject for a college class report and when her eyes land on a certain handsome classmate, she knows he's the one. For the report, I mean. The fact that just the sight of him makes her heart race is not to be of concern. She just needs to seduce him and get the research necessary for her paper. Her plan also extends to an online pal who she's been talking to, in hopes of taking her seduction onto the world wide web.

Jaidev also has a report due but he's taking a different approach. He has chosen Cat as his subject and needs to keep their relationship as friendly, yet platonic, as possible. But after only a few days into his project, he realizes that ignoring his growing attraction to Cat is easier said than done. But his Indian parents, however, would never approve of his pursuing the geeky adorable girl that is now haunting him day and night.

As the pair grow closer, the dedication to their class assignment becomes a blur while their passion for each other ignites. Even Cat's friendship with her online buddy has started to cross over into unexplored territory. And just when Jai and Cat start to enjoy their budding relationship, the reality of their world comes crashing down around them.

This book was a fun ride from start to finish. My face muscles hurt from smiling so much. I found Cat to be a great leading lady with flaws and quirks that made her all the more relatable and likable. Jai was funny, charming, and completely my kind of book hero. He tried to fight his attraction to Cat but wasn't overly cruel to her in the process. Sometimes book guys come off as jerks as they play hard-to-get. Jai wasn't like that. He was attentive and kind, yet completely in over his head when he assumed staying friends with Cat would be an easy task. And I understand why Cat would fall for him because I did, too.

The pacing was steady and I never once wanted to put the book down to do anything else. In fact, I stayed up past three a.m. to finish it. I laughed so many times that my husband shushed me! By the way, I love how there are tiny clues dropped throughout the story to hint toward the secret pen-pal. I squealed when one side was revealed and swooned at the other. *sigh* Just thinking about it makes me want to swoon again!

There was a lot of growing tension between our couple and when the fireworks started it was definitely a spectacular show. The passion and chemistry between Jai and Cat was fantastic. I could read another entire book featuring these two and their geeky fun. 

In closing...
This book is one for a re-read for sure. I will definitely look out for more of this author's work. Five suns!

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