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Review: Kiss of the Silver Wolf by Sharon Buchbinder

Title: Kiss of the Silver Wolf
Author: Sharon Buchbinder
Genre/Age: Paranormal Romance/Adult
Series: Kiss of the Jinni Hunter Series (Book One(
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Format: ebook via Reading Alley
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisAfter Charlene Johnson's parents are killed in a car accident, she becomes guardian to her disabled brother. With no income coming in, she is forced to move to Eden, Kentucky, the one place her mother told her to stay away from. Once there, she's certain her mother would also warn her to keep away from the dark and sexy Zack Abingdon. A man of mystery who claims Charlene is his mate. 

Zack has waited for what seems a lifetime for the other half of his soul. He wants a family of his own, but the woman he has his eye on has no idea he is a werewolf. However, he knows he is the only one who can keep her safe from the evil that stalks Eden. While he tries to convince her he is the wolf of her heart, she is playing hard to get, and Zack is fearful he will lose her before he can mark her as his own. 

While Zack and Charlene are finding their way into love, an evil jinni who has wreaked havoc on the town of Eden for decades decides he wants Charlene for his own. When she learns the truth of her heritage, Zack hopes he can convince her he is the other half of her soul before it's too late.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

One woman learns her parents have lied for her entire life...

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Charlene isn't as ordinary as she thought she was. After the sudden death of her parents, she's discovering family she never knew she had. And she's realizing that her brother may not have the disease she was led to believe he did. His strange behavior on full moons and excessive body hair? Yeah, she's about to learn the truth of their ancestry and it's a supernatural surprise.

Zack has known for a while now that Charlene is meant to be his mate. They will rule the pack one day with her by his side. But just because he knows she's the one for him doesn't mean he's patient enough to wait for fate to work its magic. He'll take every opportunity available to woo his woman and convince her that they belong together.

I usually have really good luck with books from Wild Rose Press. I tend to enjoy the stories even if some of the covers leave a little to be desired. So I had no trouble deciding to request this book. It's paranormal featuring shifter-type creatures with romance. What's not to love? This cover was actually a nice one, by the way. I do think the wolf should have been tinted silver since... well, the title and character of the book are a "silver wolf".

The story started off well, with Charlene's life being turned upside down and a strange run-in with the mysterious Zack that left her rattled. When things get bad enough for Charlene to turn to her estranged family for help, the fun got started. I liked Charlene and Zack and they did have cute chemistry together.

The paranormal elements were interesting, as well. I haven't read a lot about jinnis (genies) and every book I have read that featured those creatures had a different outlook on them. In this book, the jinni are nefarious creatures who wreck havoc among the werewolves. This was a unique take on the jinni and I enjoyed reading about both of the supernatural creatures.

There were some problems, however. I think this book simply wasn't long enough. There is a lot going on and more than just two POVs in this book. It's like two stories running side-by-side and we barely scratch the surface of either of them. I wanted more backstory on the pack and their history with the jinni. I also wanted to see more one-on-one time with our couple.

If this book had been about 100 pages longer, we really could have delved deeper into the story and had better character development. Yes, this is the first book of the series and there is more to come. But from the synopsis of the second book, it appears that Charlene and Zack's story is wrapped up and we're moving on to other characters who were secondary in this book.

I'm inclined to overlook the issues I had with this book because I enjoyed the story, overall. I found Charlene to be inquisitive and Zack to be really sweet. I think the scene with the silver wolf's first meeting was really great and made my heart melt a little.

In closing...
I'm looking forward to reading the next book of the series! Four suns!

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