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Review: The Pirate's Lady by Tricia Schneider

Title: The Pirate's Lady
Author: Tricia Schneider
Genre/Age: Historical Romance/Adult
Series: None
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Format: ebook via Reading Alley
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisCaptain Marco Dante was captured and sentenced to hang two years ago, but he escaped before his sentence was carried out. Now he's come back to the woman who's memory kept him alive those long months in prison. Arianne had been his grand passion, but he failed to see how much she meant to him until it was too late. Can he recapture her heart? Or has he lost her forever?

Arianne never imagined she'd see her notorious pirate lover again. Though her heart sings with joy at his return, she knows he hasn't come back for her but for the treasure he left behind. She agrees to help him find it, but can her heart withstand one more adventure with him?

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Slice of swashbuckling romance!

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Arianne has given up on the small bit of hope she'd been clinging to that her lost love could possibly have survived the gallows. He was a pirate, after all, arrested for his crimes and sentenced to be hanged. Unable to save him and having given up on ever seeing him again, she has decided to rid herself of her sword, one last reminder of the man no longer in her life.

But just as she's about to toss the blasted blade into the sea, she comes face-to-face with the ghost of her past. Only, he's no ghost and this isn't a dream. Marco is very much alive and he's returned for what is his, a family heirloom and the love of his woman.

Unfortunately for Marco, two years have passed since his capture and he fears he may be too late. Arianne's heart seems to belong to another and even when he forces her to accompany him to retrieve his family item, she's desperate to return to her home. To who, Marco has no clue. Yet, he can't deny his affection for this woman and instinct to protect her when an enemy crosses their path.

This was such a good novelette! Arianne was a strong-willed woman with a soft spot for the rugged pirate captain. Marco was an alpha male, used to being in charge, but unable to ignore the way Arianne's presence affects him. His jealousy when he assumed Arianne had found another man was simply adorable. I was pleasantly surprised by how well these characters were brought to life in such a short span of time and pages.

The plot is steady but not very complex. There are hints and tidbits of the history of the characters and their past romance. The ending did surprise me a little bit. I was paying attention to all of the clues but didn't guess the mystery of why Arianne wanted so badly to return home. And the reunion of Marco and his nemesis was a twist I hadn't seen coming, either.

In closing...
A nice and quick read with pirates, adventure, secrets, and danger! Five suns!

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