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Promo & Tour: Betrayer by Leslie D. Soule

Title: Betrayer
Author: Leslie D. Soule
Genre/Age: Fantasy/Adult
Series: Fallenwood Chronicles (Book Three)
Publisher: Melange Books LLC
SynopsisWith five crystals to destroy, in order to rob the dark lord Malegaunt of his power, Ash Kensington's path is set. She begins a quest with the talking cat, Greymalkin, and her wyvern, Slick. 

But when she meets up with the handsome dragon slayer, Draeon, her senses overwhelm her, and she becomes distracted. 

Will she be able to destroy the crystals in time to challenge Malegaunt?

“What can I do for ya?”

She looked at the bartender and said sorrowfully, “Give me a spell to make me forget.” I’ve wasted so much time, she thought to herself, and now I don’t know if I can get back on track. Malegaunt is out there, and none of the crystals have been destroyed. It drove her mad.

He shook his head and pushed a pint of dark beer across the bar. “This is the best magic I know. That’s why I’m a bartender.” He pointed down the bar a ways to a man who looked to be in his forties, if not older. He was clothed in a black coat, and his stubbled face was hunched over a glass of what looked like whiskey on the rocks. “Now, that guy over there, on the other hand, he might be able to help ya. People call him the Oracle of the Oasis,” he informed her.

Five Favorite Movie Scenes
by Leslie D. Soule

Note from Dawn: Images added by me!

The Last Dragon – Ending Scene
Related image
This is the defining moment of the movie. Our hero, Leroy, has finally met up with Sho’Nuff and been caught, and realizes where his journey has taken him, and comes into his own power. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s an incredible scene. 

Disney’s Robin Hood – Escaping The Castle
Disney nailed it with this one – it’s a really exciting scene, as Robin Hood frees the prisoners, but the gate comes down before he can escape. There’s lots of action in this scene, with characters running around everywhere, hauling carts, firing arrows, etc. Robin Hood faces a ton of obstacles, as he climbs a wall, and then up the tower. The sheriff of Nottingham comes in with a flaming torch, and soon the whole place is up in flames as Robin Hood climbs higher and higher. We know he has to escape somehow. Fast-paced music plays, and it’s an edge-of-your-seat type scene. I really like it. 

Labyrinth – Masquerade Ball Scene
Image result for labyrinth masked ball gif
I like that at first, we don’t know where this scene comes from – drug-induced hallucination from eating that peach? A dream? Or is it all really happening? Jennifer Connolly is stunning, as is David Bowie, who sings the song “As The World Falls Down” and plays the goblin king Jareth, who’s hiding behind masks and disappearing behind fans, and just being very dramatic in this scene. Makes me wish someone would take ME to a masquerade ball & serenade me with “As The World Falls Down”! *sigh*

Crossroads – Guitar Battle
Image result for crossroads guitar battle gif
This scene reminds me of the song “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and the premise is essentially the same, with a kid challenging the devil (in Crossroads, it’s the devil’s minion, played by Steve Vai) and they use guitars instead of fiddles. During the movie, the main character, played by Ralph Macchio, has been learning to play blues guitar. But in the battle, it’s his classical guitar skills that come to the forefront and save the day. It’s a fun scene, and it’s often interesting to see battles that aren’t traditional fights. 

Ladyhawke – The Transformation Scene
Related image
I love this scene because it’s poignant and done in a very subtle sort of way. We get the barest hints as our characters wake up, that all is not normal. A soft, enchanting melody plays as the sun rises up over the mountains. It’s sad and hopeful and profound because our main characters Navarre and Isabeau finally get to see each other, but their curse isn’t broken yet, so they can’t touch. They try to, and then there are tricks of the light & Isabeau transforms into a hawk. It’s a beautiful scene and it tugs at your heartstrings, seeing our heroes get so close to what they want, only to have it ripped away from them.

Leslie D. Soule is a fantasy/sci-fi author from Sacramento, CA. She has an M.A. in English from National University, and is currently working on the final book of her fantasy series, The Fallenwood Chronicles. 

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