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Review: The Boyfriend Swap by Meredith Schorr

Title: The Boyfriend Swap
Author: Meredith Schorr
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/Adult
Series: None
Publisher: Henery Press
Format: ebook via NetGalley
Rating: ✺✺✺✺.5
SynopsisIs Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year? New Yorkers Robyn Lane and Sidney Bellows aren’t so sure.

Robyn has always dated struggling creative types. For once, her parents would love her to bring someone with health insurance and a 401(k) to their Chrismukkah celebration. Her actor boyfriend doesn’t qualify. While across town, Sidney’s professional life already belongs to her parents. She’s an attorney at her father’s law firm and she works tirelessly to keep her love life private. If she brings her lawyer boyfriend to their annual Christmas extravaganza, her parents will have the wedding planned by New Year’s Eve.

A mutual friend playfully suggests they trade boyfriends for the holidays. The women share a laugh, but after copious amounts of wine, decide The Boyfriend Swap could be the perfect solution. This way, Robyn can show off her stable attorney boyfriend and Sidney’s high-society family will take no interest in her flakey actor beau.

It’s a brilliant plan—in theory. In practice—not so much. When Will turns out to be the boy-next-door Robyn crushed on hard throughout her teenage years, and Sidney’s family fawns all over Perry like he’s an Oscar-winner rather than a D-list wannabe, one thing is certain: The Boyfriend Swap might just change their lives forever.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

When you can't take your boyfriend home for the holidays...swap him out for another!

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Robyn's boyfriend is a struggling actor who her parents refuse to welcome with open arms. She knows that Christmas in her family home will be a disaster and she'd much rather avoid the catastrophe if possible. So when an acquaintance suggests she swap boyfriends for a few days, it's a tempting offer.

Sidney hasn't introduced her boyfriend to her parents yet. Like her father and herself, her beau is a lawyer and she has a feeling her father will spend more time talking about work than enjoying the holiday break. After an idea sparks in her head to take Robyn's actor boyfriend home to her family instead, Sidney finally sees a spark of hope.

But things rarely go according to plan. As it turns out, Sidney's boyfriend is Robyn's childhood crush and Robyn's boyfriend is much more charming than Sidney would have predicted. When both families embrace their daughters' fake significant others, trouble begins to brew. Will either couple still be together after the Christmas lights go out?

I had no real idea what to expect from this book. I've never read anything from this author before and the cover didn't give too much away. But something about the blurb and the idea of swapping boyfriends spoke to me so I requested it. And I'm really glad that I did!

The story starts with an introduction to each couple and then gets right into the switch-up plan. We see things from Robyn and Sidney's POV, though I think it would have been more beneficial to get at least one chapter glimpse into the men's minds. Still, I connected easily enough with all four characters. Will was probably my favorite and the whole schoolgirl crush angle was nicely done.

As for the plot, it had a couple of twists I didn't see coming. The romance is fairly tame since anything hotter would have been pretty inappropriate for this type of story. This story does actually enter a gray area a bit with some toeing of both physical and emotional lines.  I don't in any way condone cheating. However, there was a lot of blame to go around in this book and some hard truths were learned.

Overall, this was a great story. There were so many times where I laughed, especially when reading Robyn's side. In the end, I would have liked to see more emotional connection between Sidney and Perry and possibly even a peek into the future for both couples. An epilogue or even a bonus after-story scene for newsletter subscribers maybe? Just an idea for the author. *hint*

In closing...
A fun read with a happy ending. 4.5 suns!

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