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Review & Tour: The Boys Next Door by Miranda Silver

Title: The Boys Next Door
Author: Miranda Silver
Genre/Age: Menage Romance/Erotica
Series: Unknown
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Between the Sheets Promotions
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisDiana Cooper is 18, eager to graduate and go to Yale, and too shy to really look a boy in the eye. No one suspects the sexy lingerie hiding under her vintage dresses. No one suspects the dirty fantasies running through her mind. 

Brendan and Ian O'Brian, the hot twins next door, are home from UConn for the summer: gorgeous, athletic, basking in popularity. Brendan, the "good twin," attracts everyone with easygoing friendliness. Ian, the "bad twin," leaves a mess of pranks, collisions, girls, and attitude behind. 

As kids, the O'Brian twins were practically Diana's brothers. But a year away changed everything. Now, Di can barely handle a hello to Brendan. And Ian — well, it’s easier to look the other way and pretend she doesn’t see his smirk. 

Right before graduation, Brendan breaks the silence to invite Di for a swim. She figures she’ll test the waters, but that night pulls her into the steamiest deep end imaginable. And it’s just the beginning. 

Can she dive in and live out her fantasies? 

Can she let the past go and learn to trust? 

And when no one’s who they seem — good twin, bad twin, or shy honors student — will her heart tell a different story? 

She’d never admit it. But she might be over her head.

NOTE: Adult Content Ahead

“Are you okay?” Brendan’s voice came through the door.

“Fine,” she croaked.

“Can I come in?”


Diana blinked as the door opened. Brendan’s broad grin turned her prickling skin into liquid heat. Too startled to look away, she stared into his hazel eyes.

“You look great. Let’s go.”

“I— I can’t.” She shook her head.

“What do you mean?” He crossed to her and put a hand on her bare shoulder. Oh God, why did he have to do that? His palm was so warm, his hand big and masculine. She could smell his male scent, cologne or deodorant or something else, salty and fresh. He didn’t even seem to notice that he was touching her, but she could barely breathe. “You’re all ready. You don’t have anything else important to do.” He cocked his head teasingly toward the pile of books and papers on her desk next to her laptop. “Come have fun.”

Diana’s head swam. Brendan stood close enough to feel the heat coming off his body. Holy fuck, her underwear drawer stood open and spilling over with lingerie, her pack of pills was all too obvious on the dresser, and her dildo lay in plain sight on her pillow. She prayed Brendan wouldn’t notice. He seemed to be keeping his eyes on her face.

“You don’t understand.” She hated the way her voice dropped to a whisper. Dammit, when would she get past this insane shyness? When would she just be able to express herself like a normal person, as easy and comfortable as Brendan was right now? “I don’t do parties. I don’t hang out with people I don’t know.”

Brendan looked surprised, but he didn’t take his hand off her shoulder. “You need to get past that. You’re going to college soon. Everyone you meet will be a person you don’t know, and the parties—“

“I’m scared.”

Jesus, had she really just admitted that? And was Brendan moving closer and putting his arm around her? He couldn’t be. Yes, he was. He was standing next to her, right up close, with his arm around her shoulders. And all she could think was that she was in her swimsuit, with her skin more exposed than covered, and he was almost naked too, and tall and muscular and very male, and she was hot and cold—

“What are you scared of?” he murmured.

“People,” she muttered. “Guys especially.”

“Tell me,” he said softly. “Why guys?”

Oh. My. God. He was rubbing her back, gently, and she felt like her body was on fire. Her crotch, especially. Her pussy was going to explode.

“I— had some bad experiences awhile back. I’ve never told anyone. Nothing really bad,” she said quickly, “but enough to scare me. I don’t trust guys. And I don’t know what to do with them.” She looked up from the floor. Brendan’s head was cocked toward her, listening. His hand still stroked her back. “I’ve never…I’ve never kissed anyone. I’ve never even let a guy touch me the way you are, since—“ She broke off.

She’d said way too much. Any minute now, Brendan would flee her house, repelled by her complete uncoolness. He definitely wouldn’t be leaning toward her the way he was right now, turning his head and lifting her chin with his fingers as he—

Lips brushed hers in a light kiss. She stared at him, shocked, as he pulled back. Smiling hazel eyes met hers.

“Now you have,” he said softly. “Not so bad, right?”

It was a second before she found her voice.

“That was a peck,” she said hoarsely. “That wasn’t a real kiss.”

Brendan’s eyebrows shot up. Before she could backtrack, he cupped her neck, twining his fingers in her hair, and pulled her close.

No. Yes. He was kissing her, his lips soft and alive, the beer on his breath sexier than she could have expected, and — oh God, that really was his tongue snaking into her mouth, hot and wet, touching her tongue, even licking it.

Her nipples were achingly hard, her whole body quivering. Her hands were pressed against Brendan’s chest — yes, his bare chest, feeling thick hair and hot skin. Her bikini bottoms were completely soaked with excitement.

His other hand still toyed with her back, sending shivers down her spine and straight to her pussy. Her mouth opened eagerly to his as he sucked on her lower lip. All too soon, he let go.

“Come over,” he said softly. “We’ll take care of you.”

Miranda Silver has always loved getting lost in a book and living where the story is. After years of daydreaming through classes and meetings, she realized she could create her own stories. She adores drama (on the page), a dash of mind games, good intentions, and open-ended happy endings. Miranda is relieved — at long last — to be putting her English degree to use.

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**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

One young woman's fantasies really do come true...

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Diana is about to graduate high school and head off to Yale. She's worked hard over the years to secure her future, but it's put a damper on her social life. So when the twin brothers next door tempt her into a wild night, she's all on board. Getting swept away in the moment, she doesn't realize until its too late that this can only be temporary. Once her heart starts to lean toward one of the two brothers, everything will start to crumble. And where will that leave the three of them?

This was close to being a five star read for me. Up until the second half of the book, it definitely was. We only see things from Diana's perspective but I think that was still enough for me to understand all three of the characters. The sexy time starts early and boy is it hot. Like steaming up the windows hot. Feeling guilty for reading it in a room with other people around hot. Yeah, it was that naughty. 

By about 25%, I was falling hard for Ian and hoping Diana would also. There was just something about their interactions that convinced me they were the endgame pair. Don't get me wrong, I liked Brendan. But his constant sitting back and allowing his brother to take the fall for things that weren't his fault made me think less of Brendan's character. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes with all three of them. I did a whole lot of smiling.

I had no problem with the anything really, until the night out at the club. I won't give too much away but there was some drug use involved and then a rather awkward orgy-type scene. I understand some of why the author put the orgy scene in there, to show Diana's true feelings for a certain brother. However, I think that could have been done a different way and I absolutely could have done without the drug use. The underage drinking would have been enough scandalous material.

After this point, the story shifts a little because now feelings are involved in their little triangle, making it impossible for things to really continue they way they were. I found myself frowning right along with Diana as she tried to sort her affection for a certain twin. Nothing really played out how I thought it would and even though I liked the ending, I wasn't blown away enough to give that fifth star back.

In closing... 
I'm not sure about the sequel because I'd hate to see Diana go through anymore strife. But I am curious to see how Ian turns things around and what happens with Brendan so I'll probably read it. Four suns!

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