Saturday, November 4, 2017

Join the Dirty Santa for December Blog Hop!

Here at Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog, romance is always in the air. 

In honor of this underappreciated book genre, 
I'll be hosting a year-long series of 
Readers of Romance Blog Hops!

What makes this different from other hops?
~ Romance themes for every hop!
~ Will consist of only romance-loving bloggers and authors!
~ Variety of romantic book-themed topics for each hop!
~ Prizes will be romance book related!
~ It will be a great way to find new romance reader friends and authors!
~ Umm...did I mention prizes?!

Readers of Romance Blog Hops 
on the schedule for 2018:

Men of March - (March 1-15)
Who is your current book boyfriend/husband?
(Image coming soon!)

Juicy in June - (June 1-15)
What romance themes get your motor running?
(Image coming soon!)

Sparks Fly in September - (September 1-15)
Favorite romance couple of the year!
(Image coming soon!)

Dirty Santa for December - (December 1-15)
Best or steamiest reads of the year!

But you don't have to wait until next year to join in the fun...

I'll be hosting the first Dirty Santa for December NEXT month! 
Rules and sign-up is below. Hope to see you on the hop!

NOTES about the hop:
- Anyone with a romance book themed blog/site may enter. 
- Romance doesn't have to be the only genre featured on your site but MUST be one of them.
- Perfect for authors with a new romance release, but prize MUST be available to send at end of giveaway. If your book isn't available by then, please use a book on your backlist that is.
- Erotica blogs and authors are welcome to join, HOWEVER, please keep your post and images tasteful. If it's Facebook and Amazon approved, it's approved for this hop.
- There is no steam requirement for joining the hop. Sweet romance blogs/authors are encouraged to participate but know that some stops will include spicier content. Romance comes in all flavors!
- Each hop has a theme or topic. Feel free to discuss this topic in your post. Prizes do not have to fit the theme (unless you want to!), only the romance genre in general.

- Prize must be romance themed and preferably book related.
- Gently read books may be used, but be sure to mention this in your post.
- Gift cards are allowed.
- Swag packs are allowed.
- Naughty (new & unused) toys/gifts are allowed, but please keep the images appropriate. We don't need to see anyone using the toys. We have an imagination of our own.
- If giving away a naughty gift, you MUST put (18+) at the end of your blog name on the list. People who are not interested can skip your stop without issue.
- Blogs/sites are responsible for their giveaway and sending out their prizes in a timely manner.
- Multiple prizes are allowed, but be sure to clearly state how many winners you will be picking. (1 winner for 3 prizes -or- 3 different winners, etc.)
- You decide how to hold your giveaway. I recommend using Rafflecopter (it's free!), but entries via comments is acceptable if you have a way to contact the winner.
- Be sure to mention if your prize is international or limited to a certain country. We don't want anyone to enter a giveaway they can't win.

- Links must be live at 12 am EST -AND- easily found on your blog.
- You MUST include the blog hop banner (above) in your post.
- You MUST include the Inlinkz list in your post. How else will people know where to go after your stop? You can get the list code below.
- If possible, please send me your post permalink at least 24 hours prior to hop start time.
- If giveaway post is not on the first page of your blog/site on start day, there MUST be a link to it on your main page, possibly on the sidebar.
- If I can't find the post, or a link to the post on your main page after giveaway starts, I will delete it from the list. If I can't find it, no one else can either.
- Giveaways cannot end prior to midnight on last day. Giveaways that end early will be removed from the list.

P.S. If you have an idea for a hop theme/topic for next year, let me know in the comments and I'll consider it!

Don't forget about upcoming hops too. Men of March Blog Hop opens February 1st!
Want to know when sign-ups open and new hops are added? Sign up for the email list, here!

To sign up, click on the 'Add your link' button below. NAME is your blog name.
To get the list code, click on 'get the Inlinkz code' and paste it into your blog hop post. It's that simple!

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