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Review: The Panther's Lost Princess by McKenna Dean

Title: The Panther's Lost Princess
Author: McKenna Dean
Genre/Age: Paranormal Romance/Adult
Series: Redclaw Security (Book One)
Publisher: Redclaw Publishing
Format: ebook via Reading Alley
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisEllie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She's headed for great things. She only needs a chance. 

Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can't be his mate. She's the mission. 

The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she's never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive. 

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Where can I get a handsome panther mate of my own?

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Jack's mission to recover a lost shifter princess leads him to a woman who doesn't even know who she really she. Telling her that she's missing royalty is hard enough for her to believe, but revealing the fact that she's a shifter may be too much for her to accept. Letting she secret slip that she's also his mate...well, that's a box he isn't sure how to open.

When a hot guy asks Ellie out, she thinks her luck is about to change. But this stunningly gorgeous man in front of her is much more than he appears, especially when he comes to her aid. He's a shifter and the only person who can protect her from the people who are after her. And her attraction to him is impossible to ignore.

Yet, just when things between them start to heat up, Ellie finds herself torn between the man she wants to be with and embracing her shifter side, along with the family she's always wondered about. She'll have to learn to harness her power and somehow survive the assassins that want her dead.

I really enjoyed this book. We are thrust into the action pretty early so it caught and held my attention in the first few chapters. I didn't want to put it down--even though I had to in order to read another book that was due--but I picked this back up as soon as I could and finished it in one evening.

The story moved at a steady pace and I think the supernatural element was nicely done. I loved seeing both sides of the story from the dual-POV. I definitely think this was the way to write this story because it helped me to understand both characters better. Sometimes with the fated mates angle, the insta-love is hard to swallow. Yes, there is instant connection here, but I never felt like the relationship between our couple was forced. It was a pleasant surprise.

As for the romance, our couple's chemistry sizzled and popped. Jack was a realistic character with faults and that only made me like him more. Ellie was head-strong, but not to the point to where it became annoying. I think this pair were nicely done and I rooted for them early on. The ending did wrap up a little too neatly, but it also left me wanting more.

In closing...
I'm looking forward to seeing who meets their match next, though I have a feeling that Jack's boss might get his turn soon. Five suns!

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