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Review: Witch's Stone by Jamaila Brinkley

Title: Witch's Stone
Author: Jamaila Brinkley
Genre/Age: Paranormal Historical Romance/Adult
Series: None
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Format: ebook via The Romance Reviews
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisDuncan Lowell’s explosive magic is fueled by an equally explosive temper. He’s stayed away from the earldom he rules from afar to escape memories of his vicious father. But when he must return, other memories surface, too – of his childhood friend and conspirator, Fiona: the future Witch of Kilgoran. 

Fiona Fanshawe has dedicated her life to the people of Kilgoran. After tragedy marred her family, she’s vowed to stay aloof, serve the village, and never marry. When Duncan arrives, demanding that she retrieve the Stone that caused her family so much pain, she’s forced to re-evaluate all of her choices. 

Duncan’s demons make him fear hurting those he loves; Fiona’s make her terrified of getting hurt. Now, the witch and the earl will have to decide whether they will be more dangerous together – or apart. 

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**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

A witch and a wizard walk into a ballroom...

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Duncan's mission is clear. Go to Scotland, fetch the Witch's granddaughter, and bring her back to London so she can retrieve the Witch's Stone. Then he intends to go back to his life in the bustling English city and continue to rule his Scottish estate from afar. The memories in that place are just too terrible for him to ever consider moving back. Or so he thinks.

Fiona isn't about to jump and do Duncan's bidding. Even if he was the one boy she ever envisioned herself with, she wants nothing to do with the stone. It's just a reminder of the actions which tore her family apart. And though Duncan being home may make her heart long for something to happen between them, she knows he won't be staying. There is no future for them while the ghosts of his past stand in their way.

This was a great story, albeit it a little short. Or maybe it just felt like it wasn't as long as the others. By the time we got to London, I realized the book was almost over and I hated that we couldn't see more of our couple dancing and maybe a few more stolen moments between them. Though, the one that happened in the forest did leave me chuckling.

This couple was completely different from the other two in this series of romances. They had a history with one another, even though it was more of a friendship than a romantic one. And they had bigger obstacles in their way, or at least in my opinion. I think this story could have been even more in depth with a full-length novel because it was pretty complex when you added in all of the other characters.

I think what I like most about this paranormal series is how seamlessly the author has written magic into historical times as we would know it. I can just as easily imagine the scenes with the witches, wizards, and supernatural elements, as I could the ones happening in a ballroom with regular members of high society. And the family dynamics are always heartwarming.

In closing...
I hope there is more to come because Lord Bradley is in dire need of some fun in his life. Four suns!

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