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Review & Tour: Manic Monday by Piper Rayne

Title: Manic Monday
Author: Piper Rayne
Genre/Age: Romance/Adult
Series: Charity Case (Book One)
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Social Butterfly PR
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisThe perfect man for me is a charming, sexy, hot as hell lawyer who knows how to negotiate his way into my panties.


Been there.
Done that.
Burned the T-shirt.

I didn't swear off all men after my divorce, but I sure as hell swore off anyone remotely like my ex. On the top of that list? Attorneys. Everyone knows they can't be trusted.

Now that I've moved back into my childhood home in Chicago, my focus is my daughter, my mom and me. I haven't given up on finding my happily-ever-after, it's just on hold-indefinitely. Yup, life is in a real upswing.

Then I see Reed Warner again, and I'm reminded of all my mistakes. I push him away, but somehow he weasels his way into every part of my life, not willing to take no for an answer.

In spite of my better judgment I can't stop thinking about the way his designer suits fit his muscular frame, or the way his blue eyes seem to eat me up with every glance.

You know when you're on a diet and even hummus seems irresistible? Reed is like the equivalent of chocolate éclair and my willpower is fading fast.

The problem? Not only is he a lawyer…

He was the best man at my wedding.

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**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Oh, Reed! How I love you so.

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This book was just the thing I needed. When I crack open a book (okay, tap on my Kindle), I want to be sucked into the story and swept away by the romance. I want the plot to be engaging and the dialogue to be witty. I crave a couple who have intense chemistry and playful banter. I live for two characters who can make me fall in love with them in their very first chapter together. I got all of that here. Hallelujah!

To be honest, Victoria wasn't my favorite heroine to come from this writing duo. She's not even in my top ten (I've read most of their books and loved all of them). I didn't necessarily love Victoria on her own merit. She was a good mother and loving daughter, but she didn't really stand out much to me. However, I think this character shined when she was with the hero. Victoria on her own, I could give or take. Victoria with Reed? I dug this pairing.

And oh boy! Reed was something special. Finally, FINALLY, a hero who doesn't mince words and hide behind some mysterious brooding persona. Finally, a man who says what he thinks and means what he says. He made his interest in Victoria clear from the start and he wasn't obnoxious about it. He withstood her rejections with a mature grace that you don't see often in romance novels. And I loved him all the more for his persistence and sweet personality. To me, that's sexy. Confidence without arrogance is such a turn on.

This couple had fiery chemistry. Sizzling. I didn't want to put this book down to eat, sleep, do or anything else that's required to continue living. I just wanted more of this couple! Reed's wooing of Victoria was so incredibly romantic. But it was steamy too. Even Victoria's ex-husband was strangely charming in an odd way. I absolutely loved Victoria's feisty mother and her two best friends are growing on me too. 

In closing... 
A fantastic start to a series I am anxious to continue. Five suns!

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