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Review: Tempted by the Viscount by Sofie Darling

Title: Tempted by the Viscount
Author: Sofie Darling
Genre/Age: Historical Romance/Adult
Series: Shadows and Silk (Book Two)
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Format: ebook via Author
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisLondon, April 1825

Lord Jakob Radclyffe left his past behind in the Far East. Or so he thinks until a ruthless thief surfaces in London, threatening to ruin his daughter’s reputation. With the clock ticking, Jake needs the scandalous Lady Olivia Montfort’s connections in the art world to protect his daughter’s future.

Olivia, too, has a past she’d like to escape. By purchasing her very own Mayfair townhouse, she’ll be able to start a new life independent from all men. There’s one problem: she needs a powerful man’s name to do so. The Viscount St. Alban is the perfect name.

A bargain is struck.

What Olivia doesn’t anticipate is the temptation of the viscount. The undeniable spark of awareness that races between them undermines her vow to leave love behind. Soon, she has no choice but to rid her system of Jake by surrendering to her craving for a single scorching encounter.

But is once enough? Sometimes once only stokes the flame of desire higher and hotter. And sometimes once is all the heart needs to risk all and follow a mad passion wherever it may lead.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

Sometimes the heart knows best...

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Olivia is a divorcee, which is something mainly unheard of in England. Yet, she was able to divorce her ex-husband after he rose from the dead. And while in the eyes of the ton, she is a walking scandal, she wouldn't give up her freedom for anything. That's why she doesn't wish to marry again and put herself under another man's thumb. Not even the handsome new viscount who has his eyes set on her. A temporary fling, she may entertain, but not forever. Or so she thinks.

Jake is a single father and he has to marry. But he doesn't intend to marry for love. He just needs a proper wife to become the stepmother to his daughter, Mina, and teach her how to be a lady society will approve of. Mina's foreign heritage makes this a difficult task as she's already an outsider before she's even made her debut. Jake wants a blemish free woman to smooth things over for his daughter. Instead, fate leads him to a brash and independent woman who society mocks. In the end, he will have to decide what kind of woman really would fit best in their lives and in his heart.

This pair were probably the most hot-and-cold couple I have read about all year. And I like a good dose of tug-of-war in my love stories. This one definitely had that going for it since neither of the two wanted a relationship with the other, yet they both just naturally yearned for the other. They craved each other and didn't want to share. Their chemistry was obvious and natural, but it took a while for our couple to warm up to the idea. Leading to some great sexual tension and steamy forbidden moments. *swoon*

I was actually really surprised that Percy didn't make his grand entrance during the book. I thought for sure that if his ex-wife was moving on, that he would somehow show up to cause problems for her. I was stunned to see that he wasn't the hero in the story, come back to claim his lady. But I'm actually glad it didn't happen that way. Reuniting estranged spouses was the theme of the first book and so I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn't a repeat of the same plot. Here, we get a fresh new pair of faces and interesting storyline.

I do have to say, even though I loved both of our main characters, Jake's daughter Mina just may have stolen the show for me. She's a secondary character for most of the book. However, we get to see things from her point-of-view a few times, and the interlude with a certain older boy led me to crave the continuation of her story. I love that she challenged him and I would like to see that pair more in the future. 

In closing...
Another great read in this series. Curious as to what we'll see next! Five suns!

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