Monday, June 11, 2018

Review: Wild Card by Lila Monroe

Title: Wild Card
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/Adult
Series: Billionaire Bachelors (Book Three)
Publisher: Lila Monroe Books
Format: ebook via Author
Rating: ✺✺✺
Synopsis‘The Wedding Date’ gets a sexy twist in the new hilarious rom-com from Lila Monroe! 

Is there anything worse than playing maid-of-honor to your bitchy college nemesis? Try it when she’s marrying your DAD! Olivia Chambers doesn’t know what she’s done to deserve this karmic retribution, but she needs a date to the wedding from hell - and fast. She’s used to matchmaking billionaires, but now she needs a Prince Charming of her own. Someone handsome and famous enough to make bridezilla and her minions drool with envy… 

Someone like hottie ex-NFL star Ryan Callahan. 

Ryan is looking for love. Well, the fake kind. He needs the perfect woman on his arm to woo investors for his superstar new business venture, but nobody is scoring that touchdown… until elegant, sophisticated Olivia comes to him with a proposition. She’ll play his perfect date - if he’ll play hers. 

The deal is simple! Or is it? Take one week in the Florida Keys, a dose of sizzling sexual tension, a madcap wedding, and some seriously humid frizzy hair, and Ryan and Olivia have the recipe for disaster… or maybe the time of their lives. 

But can Olivia let down her guard long enough to let Ryan sweep her off her feet? And will Ryan take his eyes off the (business) prize long enough to see what’s right in front of him? 

Find out in the hot, delicious new novel from Lila Monroe! 

1 Very Irresistible Playboy 
2 Hot Daddy 
3 Wild Card (June 2018) 
4 Man Candy (Aug 2018)

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

A surprisingly sweet story!

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Ryan knows what he's looking for in a fake girlfriend. He needs a woman who is charming and elegant. She needs to command attention by walking into a room, but she has to be approachable too. She'll look good on his arm, yet also be intelligent and easy to make conversation with. He isn't just looking for arm candy. He has investors to impress and wants a woman to help him land the deal of a lifetime. He's trusting Olivia, the match-maker, to find him the perfect lady.

So far, every woman Olivia has thrown at Ryan has been a failure. The man won't accept any of them and she is starting to wonder if it's even possible to find the woman he's looking for in time. But when her own life hits a snag, she sees a way to help them both. She will pose as his girlfriend for his business meeting if he will pretend to be her boyfriend for her father's wedding. And while the deal sounds good on paper, the two find that faking love is harder to do when they can't even pretend to like each other, despite their sizzling chemistry.

When I read a book by this author, I always expect to find humor and plenty of steamy love scenes. This series, so far, has been no exception. I've actually been pleasantly surprised by each and every book, considering that billionaire stories have never been my favorite. But these books are written in a way that makes the rich bachelors both believable and likable. Something I usually don't expect from stories with wealthy and typically arrogant heroes. This men have all been guys I could root for and fall in love with.

I was also impressed to find that this particular couple were incredibly sweet with each other, despite the fact that they can't stand one another in the beginning. Slowly, we see the pair learn to depend on the other and their love blossoms in such an adorable way. I can honestly say that this book might be my favorite of the three in this series and I really did love the other two, especially the first one. Trouble deciding my favorite is never a bad problem to have.

In this book, we have a woman who doesn't really know how to let loose and just go with the flow, and a man who needs a little organization in his life. The opposites attracting theme is present here, with our pair being pretty different in many ways, yet meeting in the middle. They balanced each other out and made for some fun banter between them. The bedroom scenes were where our couple really came together in an explosive way. I have zero complaints about this book.

In closing...
The next book in this series, from the title alone, sounds delicious! Teeheehee... For this one, five suns!

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