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Excerpt & Tour: First to Fall by Alexa Whitewolf


Blog Tour: First to Fall 

Author: Alexa Whitewolf 

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance 

Dates: 16th - 20th of July 

first to fall 

*He was given a new life, a new choice, a new path...*

Once upon a time, Dominic Kosta didn’t have a last name. In fact, he had nothing growing up in a secluded orphanage in the mountains of Transylvania. Then an American couple adopted him, and life changed. He left behind the old
legends, the myths, the hunger within him.

*He threw it all behind, choosing seclusion and a little town....*

Rockland Creek may be a hole in the middle of nowhere, but Dom’s happy there. Life has its perks between fixing cars and seducing women. And best of all? There are no rules, other than Lucas’.
Then Lucrezia San Marco walks in, and draws him in like a moth to a flame. Only, she only has eyes for Lucas, his boss - and alpha of the pack.

*...filled with werewolves.*

There’s nothing normal about Rockland Creek - or Dominic’s existence there. But things are about to get worse, and not just because he sees the girl he loves slipping through his fingers.

*A war is brewing, eclipsing their romance and dragging old ghosts into town...*

As Dominic navigates the murky waters of romance and obedience to his leader, his feelings for Lucrezia can no longer be tamed. But not everyone supports their relationship - and the Reapers have a word or two to say against it. As does Lucrezia's ex, and the demons he brings with him.

Fire and ice, cold and hot, wolf and human. Dom and Luz will have to combine their differences and learn to compromise, or risk being torn apart by the wave of change unfurling onto Rockland Creek.

*Book I in a new series of sizzling werewolves, forgotten folklore and untamed legends.*

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Finn steps in at that point, not fooled in the least by my resenting silence. “He’s our alpha, Dom.”

I ignore how in my face he is, trying to keep my tone curt as I continue to fiddle with the timing belt. “I'm well aware.”

“We promised him loyalty.”

I throw the piece on the table, ignoring the clank of metal on metal that echoes. I face Finn, failing to appear calm. “He’s still new as alpha. And if I recall correctly, I promised him my obedience as his beta, but not my allegiance—and not forever.”

Finn glances towards Luz and Lucas, then back at me. “Pack law is clear, mate.”

“He hasn’t made a claim.” The words are more than a growl, but enough to quiet even my wolf.

Then Lucas gets up to go in his office, and Luz watches him with longing. A thought strikes me and before I have time to reason it through, I’m already moving.

This is a terrible idea.

Or so I keep telling myself, even as my feet inch towards Luz. Before I know it, my mouth is running off again—without me. “I can help.”

Luz turns those otherworldly eyes to me, the gold more clear up close, and I gulp. I’ve never had an issue with women, but hell, this one will be the death of me.


I snap back to with a very unintelligent, “Huh?”

Luz laughs, and I rub the back of my neck.

“Help me with what?” Again, her eyes slide to where Lucas disappeared to.

“With him.”

She turns so fast I’m afraid she got whiplash. “What are you talking about?”

“I can help you with Lucas.” I drop on the couch, ignoring her stunned expression and those lips I want to kiss so bad my mouth tingles.



The basics?

I was born in Romania (yep, Dracula's country!) in 1992. As a curious kid, I devoured every book I could on Greek, Roman, Ancient Egyptian mythology. I studied university in political science and languages. I speak five of them: french, english, romanian, italian, spanish (feel free to correspond with me in whichever language!).

My current hobbies outside of writing? Training dogs, running, reading.

So, how did I get into writing?

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first novel, The Sage's Legacy, when I was 14. It's currently undergoing a new editing process, and hoping to release it along with the sequels sometime soon :)

I'm one of those people with an overactive imagination (my main #1 reason as to why I can't watch horror movies!), so I put it all on paper. I dream about it, zone out about it, doesn't really matter when or where, something's always in my head.

And, sometimes, those somethings turn into novels. Like Avalon Dream! I dreamt one of the scenes, a night way way back, when I still kept a journal. Woke up at 5am, wrote it down in my faithful little notebook, and forgot about it for years!

My lovely fiance found it one day while we were cleaning, and asked me what it was all about. So I started telling him about the story, and as I'm talking, it develops into this larger narrative... And yep, you guessed it, I wrote it down. I worked on it for months, and spent even more months editing.

I currently have three series out: my fantasy romance trilogy - The Avalon Chronicles (completed), my young adult paranormal romance - The Sage's Legacy and my newly published werewolf paranormal romance - Moonlight Rogues.
To find out more about Alexa Whitewolf you can visit her at:
 Amazon Page:


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