Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Review: Raging Rival Hearts by Olivia Wildenstein

Title: Raging Rival Hearts
Author: Olivia Wildenstein
Genre/Age: Paranormal Romance/NA
Series: The Lost Clan (Book Four)
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via Author
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisRaging Rival Hearts is a spinoff told from Lily's point of view.


Breaking my engagement to the man I had loved my entire life was a dangerous move, one that got me expelled from the faerie isle. I’d known the risks, though. I’d known that if Cruz, Cat or my brother didn’t find a way to get me home, the fire in my veins would dwindle until it was gone, and with it my life.

Months slid by, and still nothing. With mere weeks left to live, I set out on a last adventure: discover if more Daneelies had survived the massacre, the same way Catori’s ancestor had. Although I’d decided to go alone, Kajika insisted on accompanying me. 

I wanted to believe he was coming because he liked me. But I was still the enemy…the mute girl whom he could hear speak when no one else could…the one person who could track him when he didn’t want to be found. 

Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

A faerie princess finds love in the most unexpected of places...

Lily may be a celebrity, but she's certainly not normal. She's a mute faerie who is locked out of her mystical world, stuck in the human realm with only weeks to live. And the only person who may understand her is the man reading her thoughts. Literally. A faerie hunter who is a natural rival and doesn't seem to like her. But with her end nearing, she takes matters into her own weakening hands. If she can't save the people she loves, she'll die trying. Or maybe she will find a new reason to live.

Even though I loved the third book of the series, this one is likely my favorite. I have had a love and hate relationship with Kajika for the entire series and didn't like him for Cat. But I did enjoy seeing him paired with Lily. I have to say, it was a pairing I did not foresee, in any way. When Lily marked him--and I'm still not sure I entirely understand why she did--I realized that their coupling made a lot of sense. So I was 100% on board when I started the book.

And it was a nice surprise. From the beginning, it had a different feel to it than the previous books, as told by Cat's point-of-view. I found Lily's mind to be lighter and more carefree than Cat's, so seeing into her head was a more pleasant read. Also, the story itself was filled with twists and turns to keep me guessing, but it did not have the same amount of emotional turmoil that Cat's books did. There were some darker moments, for sure, yet the whole book just felt easier to follow.

As for the romance between the pair, it was a slow burn that I thoroughly enjoyed. Their road trip together gave them time to bond and it was cute to watch. I was a little disappointed not to get at least one good love scene between the pair, as we got with Cat and Ace. The moment happened, but we just didn't get to see it. And since this book, like the others, were more New Adult, I was hoping to see the romance kicked up a notch. However, it's fairly clean, for those who don't mind a lack of naughty time.

In closing...
I'm curious as to what the final book of the series will be about and if we'll get to check in with our previous couples along the way. Five suns!

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