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Promo & Tour: Flawed by Vivian Kohlman

Title: Flawed
Author: Vivian Kohlman
Genre/Age: Contemporary Romance/Adult
SynopsisThat guy—the one that most girls would run away from—captured Kara’s attention and wouldn’t let it go. As expected, he turned out to be a player. So she cut him off.

But he wasn’t done with her yet. He waited until the memory of their start would have been forgotten—at least, softened a bit. Then he returned to her life, and captured her heart.

Finally blissfully happy, they fall in love and decide to make it official…until his past catches up with him and he destroys her again. But this is it…this is the last time she’ll fall for him.

And she keeps telling herself that until she almost believes it.

This book is for mature audiences.

“Let’s do a round of shots,” I suggest while sitting down. I don’t do shots, like ever, which could explain Anna’s jaw dropping to the floor. The waitress was approaching so I took it upon myself to order us a round of lemon drops and another round of drinks, even though our first was only half empty.

I did my best to have a good time, but I had this underlying feeling of stupidity. My worst fears are actually coming true. How could I have trusted this guy? After we finished the shots and well into the second drink, I checked my phone and have a text from Naheed, along with a picture of Nik and me laughing together (surely sent to him by Lauren).

Who the heck is this guy?

Of course, I couldn't resist responding.

Your replacement. I hope you and your wife find a great condo in Beirut. Say hi to her for me, as soon as she arrives.

My phone started ringing so I turned it off. I apologized to the group about texting, saying I just had to take care of something. Nik, who's sitting in a chair right next to me, touches my arm and asks if everything's OK. I pulled my arm away—pretending to re-adjust in the seat—and say everything's fine. I guess I’m just not comfortable with another guy touching me quite yet.

Five Favorite Movie Scenes
by: Vivian Kohlman

I LOVE watching movies! To pick out my top five favorite scenes is difficult, because I love so many different kinds of movies. But I did my best to narrow my favs to the below:

  1. Love Actually, after the wedding when the singers from the balcony and the musicians scattered throughout the crowd start the love song. It’s a very creative and happy scene, and always makes me tear up. Another great scene from this movie is when Juliet answers the door to large, funny notecards held by an admirer. 
  2. Devdas, when Paro steps on a thorn and she and Devdas have a romantic Bollywood dance. The scenery, and Paro, is beautiful. I love Bollywood movies…the dancing, the singing, the colorful clothing and scenery. And some scenes truly show the characters’ feelings, like this one. 
  3. Pulp Fiction, when Vincent and Mia go to dinner, when they participate in the contest and win. But again, this movie has a ton of fantastic scenes. 
  4. Princess Bride, the battle of wits. Still to this day I overuse the word “inconceivable”, and still to this day the Princess Bride captures my attention from start to finish. This scene stands out as very clever and funny. 
  5. Se7en, at the end, when David learns what’s in the box. I never thought the scene would end as it did, and it’s gut wrenching.

Vivian Kohlman writes romance novels based on stories of love and loss under the backdrop of Washington, DC. She grew up in Maryland just outside DC, but lived in Los Angeles on and off in her 20's before returning to the Washington, DC area to live out her adult life. 

Vivian attended a private university in Washington, DC for undergraduate and graduate school, and lived a very active social life. During her teens and twenties she and her friends lived through a lot of ups and downs—these experiences have fed the stories of this series. 

Currently, she loves to travel with her husband and reads or writes romance novels as often as she can. When she’s not writing, she works a fulltime job and enjoys all of the bars, restaurants, and other hot spots of the nation’s capital. Born and raised in the DC metro area, she adores the culture of the city and is passionate about highlighting the city's attributes, lifestyles, and norms—not including politics.

Links Flawed, Book 1 of the Y&P series (Kara’s story, part 1) Found, Book 2 of the Y&P series (Kara’s story, part 2) Let Go, Book 3 of the Y&P series (Billi’s story) Girls Like Me, Book 4 of the Y&P series (Ava’s story, part 1) Guys Like You, Book 5 of the Y&P series (Ava’s story, part 2) 

Note from Author:
The book, Flawed, is not erotica, but does include some steamy scenes, and contains adult situations (curse words, drinking alcohol, etc).

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