Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Faves & Forecast ~ August 12-19, 2016

August 12-19, 2016

~*~ Where I list my faves of the past week and what I expect from my upcoming reads! ~*~

Few of my favorite reads of the week:

Adult Romance
This was such an enjoyable read. Perfect weekend pick-me-up or beach read as it is set on a Hawaiian island. Funny dialogue, steamy romance, and believable characters.
NA Paranormal Romance
Wicked. That is how I would describe this book. Plenty of strange and whimsical themes and people in this book. The romance frustrated me but I still can't wait to read the sequel to find out more.

YA Fantasy Romance
I dove into this book and fell fast in love with the characters and the fanciful land of royalty. There were genuine surprises and I never wanted to put it down. Absolutely fantastic fantasy romance!

New Adult Romance
Such an adorable read. I was afraid that it would be complex and full of angst but this turned out to be quite a light-hearted and spicy story. Easily relatable characters and friend-to-lover story.

Adult Romance
I just finished this one, yesterday and haven't reviewed it yet. But it was such a good book! I love lighter stories that are not bogged down with strife. This was steamy and hilarious, too!

Forecast of next week's readings:

Women's Fiction
I just started this one that I received from NetGalley. It's Women's Fiction, which I don't read very much of but the synopsis intrigued me so we will have to see how it goes. I predict this will be a moving and emotional read.

Adult Romance
I am still waiting for the review copy of this one but the tour stop is next week so I will be rushing to get this one done on time. I expect (and hope) this one will be a fun and sizzling read. Rock star romances are growing on me!

YA Fantasy
Another from NetGalley, this one has me nervous but optimistic. I love fantasy so this fits the bill but because it is YA, I am also preparing myself for the typical YA themes. Fingers crossed that this one surprises me.

YA Sci Fi Fantasy
This one has me pretty excited! I am anxious to read it, even though it is a sci fi, because it is also a fantasy. Most importantly, though, this book has male protagonists as the main characters are brothers. Should be quite entertaining!

Epic Fantasy w/Romance
I am reading this one for an upcoming tour. From the in-depth description, I expect this one will be a complex story but am excited because it involves magic and does have some romance in it.

Paranormal Romance
I have this on the schedule for an upcoming tour and it will fulfill my 'angel' BINGO challenge, too. I predict this will have a strong female lead and hope that it does its synopsis justice because it sounds like an awesome read.

Are any of these books on your TBR?

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