Thursday, August 11, 2016

Review: Maybe I Do by Allie Fisher

Title: Maybe I Do
Author: Allie Fisher
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Series: None
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Format: ebook via NetGalley
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisA controlling mother and a high school sweetheart who broke her heart—only two of the reasons thriving lawyer Katherine Boon left her hometown of Isle of Hope, Georgia. 

Twenty years later "Kit" must return for a wedding. Her goal? To get her niece married and get back to her comfortable, normal, single life in California. The last thing she expects is a one-night stand that rocks her world or that said rocker is the man she hired to plan the wedding. 

Devout bachelor Aiden Spencer might plan weddings, but he has no interest in one of his own...until he does the unthinkable. He falls for one of his clients. With a little help, he sets out to seduce his way into her bed and into her heart.

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review.** 

Yep, so this was me for most of this book:

Maybe I Do played out like a rom-com movie and I found it to be highly entertaining. In fact, I could easily see this being adapted into film. The situations our characters get into, and the hilarious family dynamics were something quite amusing to witness. I was laughing, cringing, and fanning myself over and over.

Kit is a successful lawyer from a southern small town, who has spent the better part of her life living in California, building her career and avoiding romantic relationships. She is content in her almost-40 single lifestyle. But her niece has found a man to marry and the wedding has been Kit's focus for the past six months.

In comes Aiden, the organized and efficient wedding planner. Kit has corresponded with Aiden for many months now, going over wedding details through email. Though the two have not actually met, Kit has already developed a sort of admiration for the man's smooth ability to get things done. And rumor has it, that Aiden is a very handsome and well-groomed man. Kit is actually anxious to meet him, even though she doesn't foresee any sort of romantic connection stemming from it.

As the wedding draws near, Kit travels to her hometown in Georgia in order to finalize the wedding details. Aiden will also be in town to assist with preparations. Their scheduled meeting does not go according to plan. Oh, they do meet, but under much more pleasurable (and mysterious) circumstances...

If Kit's poor momma could see her scandalous behavior, she would tan her daughter's hide! (Sorry, the southerner in me decided to make an appearance!) In shock of her brazenness, Kit does her best to avoid making the situation worse, but handsome ex-boyfriends, meddling family members, and Aiden's own stubborn/persistent actions make it difficult for her. The next thing she knows, she's knee-deep in a steamy relationship with a seemingly perfect near-stranger! Yikes!

This book surprised me in a few ways, yet let me down in another. I was expecting it to be spicy but it definitely impressed me with the love scenes. Not to mention, the hilarious dialogue and overall amusing way the story is told kept me laughing. Loudly. I also enjoyed the characters. From the mean-girl to the pesky younger brother, I felt the characters really come to life on the page. That is certainly something to commend the author for.

I knew there would be conflict, so when Aiden's past and the ex-boyfriend situation arose, I wasn't really bothered by it. However, there seems to be a theme with romance books that I've read lately, and this was no exception. After conflict arises, instead of dealing with the issues like adults should, someone flees and a deep depression settles over the story.

I'm not sure if there was some conference where romance authors decided that the only way to show a couple truly want to be together is by separating them for a while and causing intense heartbreak. You know, the whole set-them-free-and-they'll-come-back-if-they-love-you bit. That was a disappointment for me, because I had been pleasantly surprised by uniqueness of the rest of the story. I do forgive it, in a way, because Kit's family life and self-acceptance does seem to improve, as a result. So at least there was some growth happening for our leading lady, who I thoroughly enjoyed reading about.

In closing...
I really enjoyed this book and will keep a lookout for more from Allie Fisher! Four hilarious suns!


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