Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows That I Miss

Top Ten TV Shows That I Miss

This should be an easy one since I made a list not too long ago for a #TvShowsThatIMiss hashtag on Twitter. Here they are, again!
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Legend of the Seeker
Based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth novels (which I started reading in high school), this series was cut way too short. I have signed every petition I have come across to get it picked up by another network, but alas, it seems that the seeker's days are over, unless they turn this series into a film.
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Another series that was cut short, this CW show didn't even get a good send-off. It was a sci-fi show about an alien race's attempt to integrate with human society. I can still (for now) watch the single season on Netflix but it may never get the ending it deserves. It is not based off of a book, unfortunately.
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Unlike many re-boots, this show had several recurring cast members and a few amazing new ones. I never missed an episode. Even after JD's death (in life and in the show), I thought the story-line was still strong. However, someone along the way must have disagreed because they chose not to renew.
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The O.C.
Things just never were the same after the death of Marissa. But before that, this show was one of my obsessions. It was actually one of the first shows I really got into, watching every week, religiously. I still miss my goofy-adorable Seth. :(
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The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle barely got its feet on the ground before it was ripped out from under it. The suspense reached an all-time peak and then suddenly it was cancelled. This one probably disappoints me the most. We got absolutely no real conclusion, whatsoever.
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*sigh* When I need a heartbreak fix, I go watch the last episode of the first season, the scene with Dido's "Here With Me" playing as Liz walks away from Max. By the way, that song is in my top 10 favorites. It's hauntingly beautiful.
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That 70's Show
Oh, how I miss this show! Every single character, too. Even Red. I watch often and like that just about every actor has gone on to have great and well-deserved careers. One note: Ashton Kutcher is joined by Danny Masterson in The Ranch on Netflix which is an awesome show! Just FYI. :)
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This show was robbed. Absolutely robbed. It had a fantastic plot with a ton of suspense, surprises and twists, and a great cast. Yet, it was canned and I have no idea why. This could have rivaled 24. That's how good it was. But like many other shows that I fell for, this one disappeared.
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Law & Order (Original)
Don't get me wrong, I love SVU, even still. But there is nothing quite like the original with such a variety of plots and characters. I know all good things must end, but I still find myself watching reruns on occasion. I would bet that there are only less than 1 dozen episodes that I haven't seen.
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Happy Days
I love this show for several reasons: the music was awesome, the characters were hilarious and relatable, the plot was filled with life lessons that are still relevant today and I may have had a little crush on Richie. This makes me want to turn on my oldies playlist and drink a malted shake.

What is on your Top Ten Tuesday list?

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