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Review: Nine Minutes Past Midnight by Lena de Savoie

Title: Nine Minutes Past Midnight
Author: Lena de Savoie
Genre/Age: Romance/Erotica
Series: None
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook via The Romance Reviews
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisIt’s Venetian Carnival time: the masks are on, but the clothes are coming off…

Successful, hardworking and ambitious, Faye Brennan has it all. Well, not quite all – she doesn’t have a man to share it with, and she’s okay with that.

British playboy Crispin Sinclair always gets what he wants. And what he wants right now is Faye. Naked, in his bed, and letting go of her inhibitions.

For Faye, the speed with which Crispin melts through her defences is almost as quick as the speed with which he gets inside her knickers. But once she discovers her own dark side, will Crispin be able to prove to her what they have can be more than a Carnival weekend hook-up?

The Romance Review

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

This was hot carnival fun!

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Faye is in Venice on business and even though everyone around her is relaxing on vacation, she can't even remember what that feels like. Her world revolves around work and little else. Her love life is practically nonexistent but her body still recognizes the signs of attraction. Especially when a certain cocky pilot is around.

Crispin knows what he wants and what he wants is Faye. He doesn't believe the rumors that she's a cold woman and their age difference means nothing to him. So when an opportunity presents itself and he has the chance to corner Faye in his favorite city, he pulls out all of the stops. He will win her over no matter what it takes and thaw that chilled heart of hers in the process.

Even if Faye does give in to their undeniable chemistry, she is determined that it won't go any further than a single encounter. But Crispin sees the passion beneath Faye's tough exterior and he suggests they attend a masked Venetian ball where people are free to experience their wildest fantasies without fear of judgement. If he can convince her to join him, he's sure he can finally tear down her walls and show her ecstasy that she's only dreamed of.

Whoa. People, this was one steamy frickin' novella!

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My only complaint is that there wasn't more of it. Yes, this is erotica so there is plenty of naughty time. But this book also had an overworked woman who needed a good dose of a charming man to show her that there's more to life than her job. Crispin was the perfect guy for the task. He was patient and attentive, yet persistent in his pursuit to get Faye to break her rules and give him a shot.

There isn't much of a plot outside of the romance and I'm glad because a book of this length would have felt smothered if there was more to the story than our couple coming together. There is mild character development but enough that I got a sense of who the pair were. Again, this was due to the fact that it was a novella. I would gladly have read an entire novel with this couple.

In closing...
This is my second book of this series and both were five suns for me. There is one more brother to meet and I'm anxious to see his story unfold. Five naughty suns!

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