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Review: Fae Encounter by L.E. Wilson

Title: Fae Encounter
Author: L.E. Wilson
Genre/Age: Paranormal Romance/Adult
Series: The Kincaid Werewolves Series (Book Two)
Publisher: Everblood Publishing
Format: ebook via The Romance Reviews
Rating: ✺✺✺
SynopsisHe always followed the rules. Until she broke them. 
Marc Kincaid must convince a rival werewolf pack that their worst nightmare is about to become reality. In order for their species to survive, the packs must form an alliance . To win them over, he has to play their games. But he runs across an unexpected glitch—a bonnie Fae lass with curves capable of unmanning him and a stubborn streak to match. His response to her is instant and hungry, and makes him burn for more than just survival. But she's not a rule he's willing to break. 
Bronaugh Lane has been fighting her dark Fae nature her entire life. Giving up control is not in her character. If she did, she would lose everyone she cares about. So when she meets a werewolf with the hard muscles of a warrior and a soft Scottish brogue, her intense yearning for him is disconcerting. She should keep her distance, but for her own reasons, she needs to get closer to the Texas pack. And Marc is her only chance at infiltrating their den. 
And then the game changes. 
There are no rules now. 
Yet they dare not surrender to their feelings. War is coming, and Werewolves and Fae are on opposite sides of the front line. 

The Romance Review

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.**

A war between races is imminent and enemies become lovers.

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Marc has been tasked by his alpha to visit a rival pack of werewolves and try to garner their support. A battle against evil fae is coming and it will take every able paw and fang to fight the creatures. Just when Marc arrives, he smells something strange and wonderful in the air. He can't see her but he knows she's there. A fae and one whose scent is unique to him.

Bronaugh isn't looking for a mate, no matter how much her mouth waters at the sight of Marc. She needs to find her family and can't afford to be found out by the same wolves who hunt her kind. Even if she did decide to give in to the undeniable chemistry between her and Marc, she knows he will never accept her dark fae blood.

But the choice is taken out of their hands when Bronaugh finds herself in danger and the only way Marc can save her is by defying his alpha's orders. It's a battle of willpower as our couple try to find a solution against almost impossible odds. And even if they do find a way to be together, there are still several threats looming, including Bronaugh's own fae blood turning against her.

At the end of the first book, we were about to prepare for war against the soul-sucking fae. Our werewolves had made a plan to reach out to the other packs and try to rally together. In this book, we see our wolves attempt to do just that, but it doesn't exactly go as planned. Whereas this story is in an entirely different setting, the level of suspense is still there and kept me flipping the digital pages to find out what happened next.

I loved both of our main characters. Marc may not be the alpha in his pack but he's definitely a strong wolf and gained my respect quiet easily. He was stern when he needed to be and kind when it came to the fae "lass" he was falling for. Bronaugh was a tough character and willing to do whatever it took to survive and help her family escape. I loved her spunk.

The passion between our couple was instantaneous but not insta-love. It was more lustful than anything for the first part of the book. There were small moments of heat that continued to build until the fireworks finally went off. After that, the love scenes were frequent and so steamy that I was glad I was alone while reading them.

As for the plot, it doesn't necessarily move along very much in this book but the ending sets us up for the story to continue to get thicker. This is one of those series with a different couple in each book but one steady plot throughout. I was a bit jarred by some of the situations in this book, though. Whereas the first book had several life-or-death moments, this one had a few more cringe-worthy scenes. My stomach rolled the first time we were introduced to the rodeo. It was very intense.

In closing...
I'm looking forward to seeing who is next up to find their mate and when the war will begin. Four suns!

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