Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2016 Awards & Superlatives!

I read a lot of books in the past 6 months. It's hard to believe that I only officially started the blog last July. Okay, it was June 30th, but that doesn't really count, right? Either way, I read 173 books from June 30th to December 31st. I could probably easily have done 300 if I'd started blogging in January. No, I didn't set the bar that high this year (100 books) because I'm writing, again. That always takes time away from reading.

Out of the 173 books I did read, there were some surprises, a few flops, lots of romance, and everything in between. So for a recap of 2016, I will be awarding superlatives to the books on last year's shelf. These are just for fun and if you'd like to join in and share your own, the more the merrier!

One rule: Books cannot be used for more than one superlative/award. The only exceptions are the Best Series and Leading Ladies/Lads categories. This means there won't be repeats of the same books over and over. But don't worry, I had plenty of favorites for each category!


Best Series

The Soul Catcher Series ~ Mary Abshire

Mary AbshireMary Abshire
Author of The Soul Catcher Series, featuring one of my favorite leading lads: Jeremy. Our heroine, Jessie, is also a kick-ass leading lady who is a half-demon and sends evil souls to hell. It's paranormal romance fun all the way around!

The Fireworks Girls Series ~ J.L. White

Image result for jl white authorJ.L. White
I came across the Fireworks Girls Series on KindleUnlimited and was drawn to the first book because it was a forbidden love story. I fell in love with the group of girls. The last book is by far my favorite.

The McCauley Brothers Series ~ Marie Harte

MH2croppedMarie Harte
I love the McCauley brothers! This series was full of humor, spice, romance, and hot men that anyone could fall for. With the variety here, there is a McCauley brother for everyone. My favorite happens to be Cameron (book three).

The Crucible Series ~ Angela Colsin

Angela Colsin
Angela Colsin
Author of the Crucible Series, which has quickly become my favorite paranormal romance series of all time. There is literally every type of supernatural creature known to man in this series. Book five was my favorite so far, with the demon, Isaac!

Favorite Authors (in addition to those above)

Elizabeth   Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Author of The Lessons and The Rules. Ryan from The Lessons is one of my favorite leading lads!
Elizabeth O'Roark
Elizabeth O'Roark
Author of several contemporary NA books that are listed today!

Hazel Kelly
Author of the Soulmates Series that is full of naughty forbidden love!
C.K. Brooke
C.K. Brooke
Author of fantasy romance and also winner of several awards today!

Favorite Book Couples

Favorite Villains

Most Surprising Reads (in a good way)

Most Startling Reads (in a bad way)

Tear Jerkers

Best Leading Ladies

Best Leading Lads

Biggest Twists

Most Enjoyed Genre of the Year

Historical Romance

Favorite Novellas

Favorites by Genre (other than those above)






There you have it! My picks for 2016!

I obviously could have explained why I loved each title but then I would never get any sleep. Thank you to the many authors who gifted me with review copies. Also, many thanks to those authors who put their work available on KindleUnlimited, which is how I found several of my reads this year!

Here is to another productive year at Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog!

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